Odds and Sods and Fun facts

  • Sort of a variation on Arabel trivia, in regards to subtle plot bits that may have gone unnoted over the ages. Potential Spoilers (but not really cause all of this stuffs long gone)

    Grey Circle
    -The actual name was made up by PCs. The organization itself was a subgroup of the Iron Throne.
    -Towards the latter part of the plot, it split in half. Grey, Cormaeril, Karson, and Hawkwind stuck mostly to the Iron Throne agenda, while Crane, Xylnulifein, Krell, and the humanoids all became aligned with the early efforts of Lamorak Tanthul in a prelude to the Shadovar plot.
    -Cormaeril eventually joined the second side. The Grey Circle proper was essentially defeated with Grey's death, and Hawkwind defecting (as a result of the Westgate mission).
    -Raice led an initial PC group attached to the Circle, but got captured on unrelated matters, causing them to disband. A second group had a chance to attach to the renegades, but also turned it down.

    Fall of Bresk
    -The remnant of Nelson's Sharran cell/Criminal gang got a plot hook in the Blade of Al'questra section. They stabbed it in the chest.
    -Riautu hunted down Othokentvivex first. Ironically fulfilling his mission to get Otho's trust by buying the elemental Air staff from a Bresk retainer. They just barely missed turning Otho into a dracolich when the elven group finally actually bothered to go looking for his lair and the resulting demise.
    -Unseen Hand agents gave Wynn a bunch of loot they'd taken from slain paladins, including the Holy Sword scroll that he almost killed Ashby with. One of the more subtle hints of the UH/Ashby conflict.
    -Outside of Wynn, who stayed by the Gate, Bresk failed in Ashby's plane by charging down the wrong maze path in a bid to attack him pre-emptively. He totally got to the Gate with minutes to spare, but us two relatively new DMs didn't want to make that giant step that his emergence would entail. This is also why additional Gates later appeared.

  • Firestorm
    -Despite the cult of Tiamats rather flocking to them,, Astrein was an outcast dragon for cheating in a ritual battle years ago.
    -Naz'tualgar (the city in the dormant volcano) was a duergar trading outpost. At one point, unpublicized, the PCs negotiated some duergar to come help them sneak in.
    -The surprise attack was Lamorak, not the Ashby's, using the Onyx Screptre to emplace a geas on Evan Thundersword.
    -There was a fairly elaborate wargame where the PCs suggested positioning of the various units, all of which had basic Attack/Defense ratings, and generally a special ability. This determined some of the casualties, along with the objectives the "Strike team" didn't manage to clear out.
    -Eldaris getting lost caused them to hit the dragons horde first, that didn't go over well with the Tiamatans who fought the others or went to get Astrein.
    -Biff died in the volcano, leaving his leadership of a bugbear clan he'd won in the lead-up rather vacant. They were later mysteriously killed (by the Spellswords), as witnesses to Lamoraks attack.
    -The ruin sat empty for abit, with potential for PC factions to lay claim. No one really did, so the Hobgoblins moved in to found Drakengard. Amelthyria and Drakengard were set up to be unable to effectively attack each other, and serve as an exotic trade locale (You'd need to get passes via DM, then could run PC caravans trading ore (elves) or ironwood(goblins) for low-end themed loot).

  • More fun with Prophecies

    The beast of no form shall stalk the nightmares of the condemed
    The Spectral Bebilith accidentally (created by Ky''ran crashing a summoning ritual) that hunted amidst the slums under the guidance an alhoon dwelling (under) there. A few attempts were made to hunt the former, whilst the latter was generally undisturbed despite having its lair exposed several times.

    The wolfs head shall be set ablaze and drink the blood of the innocent
    One of the few PC's generally got right, referring to Black Bloods, and the renegade druid with the fire staff.

    The dragons own claw shall tear its heart out
    Theories bounced around a lot. Then corrupted war wizards killed Dauneth Marliir and the point got across.

    _The city of the fallen sun shall give shealter to a master of blood and his [hunger shall be great summoning heros to do war apon him [/i]
    See - Nostra Ayitheren

    A great calamity in the desert shall be change to the forest realm. The dragons will fight against it, but alone they will fail
    They sure didn't take the hint here for the longest time, turning down or alienating possible allies left and right over (relative to the threat) minor differences.

    "Deep within the blasted lands, dark magic pulls the blood of the world, twisting it to feed the sands, and bring back once more the times of old. Through sand and water, fire and cold, must heroes of light destroy the obelisk of old."

    Most of its obvious. The inobvious part (Sand=Earth, Water=Water, Fire=Fire, Cold=Air) was Use #298177262767374839101 for the Staff of Elemental Authority that never saw daylight. (Strangely, the PCs immediately set about trying to find a made up (I don't know by who) set of brand new Elemental Runes, rather than considering the existing staves.

    Seek the Gate of Moon by riding upon the Wheel of Fates, blessing of the Mother above and the Emissary will go forth.
    With the PCs having ditched most of their potential allies due to questionable nature, we resurrected the Gates plot out of early conceptual brainstorming (its a canon thing). They rushed things rather a tad, and ended up opening the Gates to the wrong place due to Shadovar interference.

    A weaver of dark webs plagues the nightmares of the downtrodden, The twin crawlers upon the minds of others gather in the forgotten strongholds, and the bird of fire seeks to fly to the moon. Followers of the Oath shall gather, some deceived, some not, and cast down the False guardian, and free the Red Oak once more. These are the signs that the Rotting One draws near once more, though in the guise of a shepherd's cloth.

    Spectral bebilith still kicking around. The pair of Phaerimm (One in Naz'tualgar/Drakengard/Nowadays better known as Zhools volcano, one under Thunderhome fighting the Dracolich for territory). Bird of Fire (The Emissary/Phoenix celestial) and the Gates again (Not to be confused with the literal moon. An entire bit on the Staves (accurate at the time, later retconned) being used to remove the Guardian, itself a disruption to the Balance and feeding off the Red Oak (that gave the glade its name). The Rotting One, and the Shepherds were part of the new character metaplot project, but was later dropped as I retired out of DMing, v4 started, and the players involved mostly ditched the characters anyways._

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