Katana of Feline Fluctuation

  • Mio expecting to get little more than a strange look out of this, asks quietly and somewhat embarressed about the topic. About this lost sword.

  • Mio finds a book on katanas which includes a prophecy about an elf named Amilia being destined endowed with great knowledge about a powerful sword which matches this description. It also talks about vampires and house bresk, but the book is damaged badly so it is hard to tell what exactly it means.

    Another segment of the ruined book is barely discernible, but reads:

    "The lost Katana of A Shim Mi Nu is a hideous weapon, once a virtuous blade belonging to a deva warrior who wandered the Eastern Realms vanquishing oni and their ogre cults. This deva, its name as lost as it is, found the blade in the lair of the oni Vi Tsan. Its blade dipped in a vile poison, made in the depths of hell. An insidious concoction, meant not to slay but to corrupt. This venom was along the hilt of the blade, the longer it was handled, the more its corrosive nature affected the spirit of its wielder. The once noble deva, who held to the code of bushido and relished not in the taking of life but only in the right duty of service became over-zealous. First he began to take heads, as did the mortals from his defeated foes. Feeling it acceptable to take these trophies for the honor incured in their gathering. Then defeated foes who asked only that their armor be returned to their sons after their heads were taken were ignored. With time, …" and the rest of the passage becomes unreadable.

  • Mio Recheck the archives, seeing if more information can be founds. Seems no one knows where it is, or atleast more information the afore mentioned parties.

  • She still keep a viligant eye out for any other related topics

  • [nothing except what was given before]

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