Summon Creature Discussion (Ideas for Single Player version)

  • So, the plan is to take the CoA scripting, and create a huge version of Summon Creature for the Single Player campaigns.

    Ideally, I'd like to have lines for most of the deities to go first, then second to that will be one for specific races/alignments.

    So, since I don't have experience playing characters aligned with a lot of deities, I figured I'd start a thread, and entertain suggestions by those of differing experience.

    Preferably you will list up to 9 creatures, scaling up in power. That can be used in NWN without extra model downloads or anything like that. Existing content is my preference.

    Here's an example:


    I - Tundra Rat (+1 cold bite damage)
    II - Ice Mephit
    III - White Wyrmling (lesser frost breath)
    IV - Winter Wolf (Cone of Cold)
    V - Polar Bear
    VI - Lesser Ice Elemental
    VII - Adult White Dragon
    VIII - Greater Ice Elemental
    IX - Ancient White Drake (Ice Breath)

    Any deity is fair game, or you can take a smash at doing racial summons. I'll take any suggestions under consideration while creating the PnP-based versions of these in the NWN toolset, and hopefully when it's all finished, I can export all of the summon files, necessary items and shop changes in NWN, and make this available to download and install.

    (And if you think you can improve on the Auril suggestion, feel free.)

  • As far as I am aware, Scripting done for CoA is not released.

  • I'd be interested in the reason of this, though. But I tend to ask impolite questions without realizing. Would this be one?

  • The reason, as far as I understand, is that many of the scripts, were they known, would reveal information that could be metagamed by players. Much easier to not to make them available than to have to vet each script for such information.

  • Abby's explanation makes sense, but I understood the original post to mean to use the ideas to re-implement the system, so the exact details of the specific CoA implementation would not really be needed.

  • The thing is, I do not see any DM spending the time to:

    1. locate alll the scripts.
    2. extract the required scripts.
    3. vetting them for any Metagame information.

  • /topic/220

    I figured you guys knew it was there. Bacon linked me to it when I made mention of hunting down Moloch's script, which I already knew was on NWvault, I just couldn't find it.

    That's why I put this in Off-Topic.

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