Zools Journal

  • This will 100% end up going dark, because that's just life, but I can make an effort.

    Currently being looked at:

    Admin team discussing recent suggestions and seeing if any of it can be worked on without compromising the "server vision" that was decided on some time ago.

    Internal discussion has determined HP change would be a massive effort to re-rebalance the server for max HP (Sorry, this one is a lost cause - honesty is better than no answer right?)
    Loot guidelines can be looked at somewhat - AB for certain as there have been changes regarding it not breaking DR - this could have other effects as well.
    Reminders to Storytellers that they can, indeed, make loot equivalent and better than faction gear as DM loot for significant enough events
    --discussions ongoing

    Random loot generator

    Fargle from the builders guild is looking into building the base system for collating all item properties and being able to assign points to each so that a DM (or just a script) can plug in - Give me an item with power level 5, with a theme of fire, and it will grab various effects (and possible negative) that total up to the power level, and prioritise properties assigned to the fire theme. - Early stages but this could help quest loot, general DM loot, and even monster loot.

    Monster loot drops

    Scripting was done some time ago to allow easy creation of monster loot chests even in exploration areas (some work needs doing on the chests so they can respawn every hour instead of being one shot - this is easy as quest chests gain a variable from the quest system so we can just check for that and if it aint there, add a timer and reset the "Used" variable on the chest)
    Goblin loot added already, several other example chests already live on the server to make it easier for other DM's to make these
    We want to add these things into various exploration areas so monsters can drop low level but useful consumables, and prestige items.


    Adding in "end rewards" for all dungeons - some of these are done... none have been found yet

    Prestige system

    Add more auto prestige stuff - hoping for at -least- one quest, one exploration area, one "special thing" for every faction which is activated by prestige - the design here is to make the server change based on player activity and faction support

    Area review

    Hoping to review areas for lack of content, overall server size
    try to compact areas into less where it makes sense -
    allow for more natural random meet ups between players travelling and banditry.
    Reduce player travel time (some people have less time to play so too much travel time is BAD)
    Compress available content together to make remaining areas more interesting and alive
    Retain the coolness and well built stuff wherever possible - beauty is still a thing

    DM Prestige reward wand

    Get this sorted it's really easy to make.
    Allows DM's to easily reward prestige at low, medium, high, and epic levels, as general prestige, or for specific factions, as tokens to be turned in.

    Area guard rule clarification

    Already decided by the team, gaining control of an area via prestige, should allow you to have the same rules as eveningstar has regarding PVP in areas with your guards in control (not a single guard... actual control of the area) Clarify this rule so there can be no mistakes and post it on the forums so it can go into effect
    This makes taking control of an area via prestige much more valuable rather than aesthetic (and minorly useful when DMs are online)

    Post changes to App-lite for Subraces

    Discsussion and voting done, minor final touches to complete

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