The lawlessness of Arabel must stop: Council members making death threats

  • Fellow members of the Council,

    It is with great sadness, that I must bring news that will further divide this council, but the the Black Clovers and Counsellor Naresh leave me no choice.

    Not a day after I brought forth indications of infernal activity by the Black Clovers, to Council Member Naresh and The Black Clovers threatening to kill and torture me. While the timing is hardly a coincidence, the actions of "The Crew" must stop.
    Naresh has been investigating the Black Dragon killing one of his own and has decided that I and Mikul are now to die by his hand, because "I can hide my steps, and I can wield a longsword". Apparently, what constitutes as evidence is that the Bloodhound cannot track them.

    I have nothing to hide and invite a trial by my peers any person born in Arabel, and with a clean conscience would.
    But I will not be forced to live in fear, because three non-citizens have decided that I am to die, for being unable to uncover and apprehend the real culprit.

    When did Arabel become a place where a group of powerful adventurers can brutally threaten and murder innocent people, because it is what they believe to be justice?

    This must stop. Naresh, Levi Drago, Gura, the female tiefling must be put in check. Or has Arabel forsaken any sense of justice, and is now merely letting brutish thugs become tyrants, without anyone willing to stop them?

    I have done nothing since returning to Arabel, than do good by the people. I dare any to challenge my reputation, as anything but exemplary. But I will not sit idly by, and let a group of arrogant, evil blooded thugs threaten me and mine without due process, and without even the slightest shred of proof.

    I expect this council to show that there is still justice, and help put a stop to this "dog eat dog" form of justice, spread by Naresh and his companions. Especially, as they are not even citizens of Arabel.

    Help me stop this the right way. Or I and mine will be forced to handle it ourselves, proving that there is no justice in Arabel, only lawlessness and the rule of the sword.

    Adrienne Hawthorn
    Wild Walker

  • Councilor Naresh these are serious tidings. Do you care to weigh in on this subject?

    Dawnlord Jadzia Sunguard

  • Precept Arcanum

    The councilor has left out several other matters not spoken, one. Mikul was the first to the site of the attack, and had Thorn’s cloths fully intact stating to have grabbed them from the fire. However, the body was across a bridge soaked in blood and hung above a bonfire. Her body was ruined by flame.

    How is it that he arrived there, got her cloths off a body that was hung from the neck burning without leaving tracks of his own, or that he could retrieve the cloths at all considering the fire and state of the body unless they we removed prior to her hanging. As her body was on the ground when I arrived the fire having burnt through the rope holding her to the tree.

    The other matter was Bron’s statement of having worked with the Dragon before, and that we’d been speaking with them outside the city gates moments before, confided to Gura. Who also stated Hawthorn’s haste to get outside when it was learned I was questioning Mikul on events of the night.

    Mikul should have left markings of his passing, but none was present putting his timeline as interacting with the scene before the clean up of tracks, or he was never there and the articles passed to him after the fact by the involved party.

    The subject is also not a true cormyrian, as they believed falsified information from brother shadow on the attack by the purple dragon patrol, if they had true connections this could have been easily verified.

    Lastly, Bron informed me that information privy to only the council that he’d offered us was used by the Dragon, establishing as a member as he’d not spoken with anyone else on the subject prior to the letter.

    As for the threats, they were made in reference to the black dragon prior to my knowledge of their possible identity, and my last being I’d hunt her down and see her investigated when I’d collected what I’d had.

    -Blood Dragon, Naresh Sabzvari

  • @Crimson_King So Just to make this clear, you don't actually deny that rather than seeking the Crown's justice to follow your suspicions you instead made threats to torture and murder a fellow council member?

    Are you sure you don't represent the Greywatch?

    I have faith in Adri, and am sure that an actual trial would prove her innocence.

    You on the other hand have threatened to kill my friend based on your hunch. And I'll warn you for all the council to see that if I found out you have harmed a hair on her head i'll beat you until you can't even call yourself a Psuedodragon.

    • Ezri

  • And I will remind all councilors to keep this conversation civil as this is council documents. If there is an issue that you feel the need for violence that challenge each other to a duel and deal with it in one of the many arena's available in and around Arabel. This immaturity and intolerance needs to stop and I should not have to keep reminding councilors of such.

    Dawnlord Jadzia Sunguard

  • Will the lot of you stop squabbling in these files.

    The Greywatch is concluding its investigation and shall present its findings to the Council by the end of tommorow.


  • Honored members of the council,

    I find it insulting that promises of death constitutes squabbling. It was evident to all who heard the words of Naresh and his fellow Clovers, precisely what he wanted to do, and who he wanted to do it to. Half the Faceless Inn bore witness to this blatant attempt at intimidation.

    Arabel should be a land of order and justice. Citizens should rest assured, that dark deeds are punished, and that we the council stand united against any who believe thuggish behaviour is an acceptable form of justice. I do not find this a laughing matter. From the perspective of the Wild Walkers, we expect that at the very least the Council of 12 stand united against this.

    Naresh. Until this debacle, I always thought you a man of honor and integrity. We have fought side by side, for the betterment of the city. That you now bring dark clouds of unspeakable torture towards me and mine, and that you then blatantly try to discard your actions, speaks volume to the simple fact, that you clearly have no respect for the laws and ideals of this city and the country that it represents.

    That I hear rumors of it not only being me you target, but Mikul Vect and Ezri, another member of this council, because you have been unable to capture the real villain. That you, Levi Drago and the Black Clovers, believe your action justified, based on the weakest assembly of evidence is not only injustice, it is idiocy.

    To all here, I shall sum up the justification of the investigation, as presented to me by Naresh.

    • I can cover my tracks, and am supposedly the only forester in the region besides himself.
    • That I use a longsword in battle.
    • That Mikul was the first on sight, after seeing red lightning in the area, and he had the clothing of the dead person
    • The heresay testimony of a drunken mercenary, who is employed by the Black Clovers
    • That the Black Dragon had access to information from this council
    • That Ezri is a friend of myself and Mikul Vect

    The longsword is the most commonly used weapon in the region. You use one yourself, for pity sake. I share all information of relevance with my fellow Oath takers, which I imagine the rest of the council also do. Ezri is not a native to Arabel, why would she be The Black Dragon?

    If you are looking for Cormyrian Loyalists, who can hide their steps well, and use a longsword, look to the village of Kingswood, where it is crawling with Purple Dragon Scouts. Part of their uniform is the longsword.
    If you are looking for people who can hide their steps, look to any village in the area, where retired foresters are often the best defense against luring monsters.

    And if you think a member of the Council has done wrong, you act like a civilized individual, and not some monster, by bringing it to the attention of either the Greywatch, the Council, or the city militia.

    You, Levi Drago, Gura and Nekshi have sought to tarnish my spotless reputation as a defender of the region, right after information of your involvement with the infernal was brought to light. You threaten me with torture and death, based on a hunch, and you throw shit at walls, hoping something sticks.

    I had hoped that the representative of the Precept Arcanum could at the very least rise above the evil blood of a red dragon. Your actions show that such is not the case.

    Adrienne Hawthorn

  • Precept Arcanum

    What mention of Erzi was ever made? My claims are of the evidence and circumstances around the death of Thorn, which has been in investigation for weeks and suspicion of your character was brought up in previous files before your joining.

    -Blood Dragon, Naresh Sabzvari

  • Precept Arcanum

    Second, you’re saying a purple Dragon wandered alone from the border and engaged Thorn in conversation before slaying her, a mere five minute walk from the city to attack an elderly woman with no previous information on her outside the Precept files?

    I’ve only ever encountered Purple Dragons in the King’s and they moved in groups of five. To suggest they would risk open war for a single woman, is bordering on fantasy.

    -Blood Dragon, Naresh Sabzvari

  • Naresh,
    I looked over the "investigation" of my person. The title I use is one gifted to me by the spirits, who happen to take home in the Kings Forest, a forest I treat as being part of the Kingdom. I take the matter of keeping order in the woods very seriously, as that is the charges that go along with my title of Squire. Which I believe Soppi explained in the files at the time.

    If my character has been suspicious in other matters, it was removed from these files before I entered the council.

    I can quite honestly say, that I am no spy on behalf of Cormyr, never have. I have never had any contact with the Kingdom of Cormyr since Gondegal took over, except when Mikul, Jadzia, Ezri and I had to kill a division of soldiers sent for Mikul in the tunnels under Kings Forest.

    Why would I have issues with the Precept Arcanum? Have I ever treated you, your fellow Precepts, Levi Drago or his Black Clovers, with anything but respect and courtesy? Have I not countless times stated that I sit on this council representing the Wild Walkers, that I do our best to stay out of politics of the City, and out of your business, to the best of my ability?

    You shame my reputation with unsupported accusations. And your tongue seems to become bundled by all the inconsistencies and lies you tell or write.

    • You threatened the Black Dragon in my presence, state I was not the target, yet state I have been under investigation since before joining this council?
    • You make it clear to all that you care not for justice, for laws, that the Black Dragon will be killed under torture in the wilds, and left for the wild beasts to eat, to never utter a word of his passing. Yet at the same time state you will not harm me, until your investigation if finished?

    You speak with two tongues, Naresh. Such is the actions of snakes, not dragons.

    And I am not the one charged with finding out who murdered Mandy Thorne. That is Precept or Greywatch business. I do not expect you to help me plant trees cut down by the local villages, keep the population of deer in check with the population of wolves, or exterminate the slugs of the Kings Forest for me. It was an example. It may take you 20 minutes to travel from the bridge to the city, but it takes me a bit longer to travel the 10 or so miles.


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