Promotional | Chapter 2

  • The White Witch has fallen.
    The spine of her horde cracked. Her instruments scattered.

    A veil of thorny peace again settles upon the North like an early Autumn frost.
    The air gelid between two great rivals gazing uncertainly upon one another across brumous and bitter fields.

    The City States of Arabel and Tilverton have come to an uneasy truce.
    One apt to tear at any ungentle touch.

    Even as the intrigues of these two bellicose kingdoms brew, the Bedine nomads wandering the
    parching edge of the Anauroch are made restless by report of gathering Asabi lizardfolk, drawn from the deep desert to some unfathomable purpose.

    And mages in their high spires wake troubled from shallow sleep, by dreams woven of fabric frightening in its verisimilitude.

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    City of Arabel aims to furnish a cooperative role-playing sandbox for people to tell stories in the Forgotten Realms.
    We aim to provide an inclusive environment for both players and dungeon masters to enjoy the game in a low level setting with intrigue, politics, and high fantasy.

    Providing a fun, golden aged experience revolving around the canonical city of Arabel in the country of Cormyr.

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