Upcoming features

  • We're going to use this thread to inform the community about any fully confirmed features the team plans to implement.

    It is highly unlikely we will have accurate time scales for such things - and they may be quite few (And it doesn't means that's ALL we are doing) it will just be things the team has decided we definitely want to implement.

    (This post may or may not get deleted if the team decide it may be counter productive!)

  • Travel between Arabel and Tilverton

    We are painfully aware of the vast amount of travel between Arabel and Tilverton, and as those two areas are a lot more focused now due to the Tilverton Ravens and other things, we want to address this, as the team see's it as a design issue.

    We do not want to remove any areas.
    We do not want the distance to be unrepresented in game entirely.
    We do not want to remove the chance for player/player banditry between these two places. (no portals or other instant travel methods then)

    We do want travel between the two to be able to be done without just getting somewhere being a massive adventure.
    We do think the distance of travel between Eveningstar, and Arabel, is about right.

    So, with the above in our minds, we're currently working on a way to resolve the design issue.

    We have a couple of ideas and we're still deciding on the final implementation.

    The two main ideas we are considering are:


    Being able to get a "caravan" from the area just outside the outskirts, which takes you to the area in the middle between Tilverton and Arabel. You can then continue on foot, and get a separate caravan after traversing the rest of the area.

    This would mean you have to travel 2 areas on foot (which bandits have access to), and utilises assets already in place - it does mean we'd have to consider various things in those areas however, and couldn't add anything "unique" as such, to the travel.


    Being able to take the trade route (hitch on a caravan) - You would arrive in one of two new areas (which bandits could also enter) after having gotten off the caravan. You must then traverse those areas, and at the end come out close to your final destination. This allows unique things to be done in these trade route areas. Does not interfere with current areas, but does require creating new assets.

    Both ideas should work, and would allow the choice of a player to either take the long road, and go adventuring in the areas between the two locations, or, take the fast route to simply travel between the two.

    This is pretty much number one priority currently.

  • More automatic prestige elements

    The auto prestige system is now implemented, and some elements of it are already running.

    We plan to add more things to this as we go (and also in response to players in game actions)

    A couple of things we're going to implement is:

    Tilverton Ravens and Council of Twelve - one of the two will "control" the trade route between Arabel and Tilverton, granting the faction members (and their party) a discount on travel between the two areas, and a price hike for the ones losing in terms of prestige.

    Adding [REDACTED] [REDACTED] items into the [REDACTED] store for the [REDACTED] faction based on if they have gain enough prestige.

    Adding some themed consumables into separate, faction member only, prestige stores - to be sold to character external to the faction as opposed to direct faction loot which should not be sold outside of the faction. An example - Rods with charges of disabling spells for the Greywatch. - These stores would only be available if the faction has earned enough prestige.

    Wards against undead being placed in areas nearby relevant faction(s) expanding outwards based on exponentially higher prestige requirements. These wards could be interfered with by characters who didn't like them being there, and then fixed back up by those who did. They would make animating the undead impractical in warded areas.


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