On the Giant beast attack on North Gate

  • Miss Claudia and I were investigating a strange occurrence at the Sword Replica in Kings plaza. It appeared to Claudia that a ward was being assaulted. A man by the name of Eskil wearing the colors of Mossemere appeared an confirmed this the case. We investigated more warded objects and we were pointed to the smugglers tunnels. Claudia and I investigated.

    Inside the tunnels there were many zombie farm animals such as sheep dogs and horses. It is possible this is where the missing farm animals have gone. We fought are way through an assortment of other undead and made our way to another deeper chamber. We destroyed several zombie bandits and mages and behind them was what I can only describe as a 'mountain' of corpses. Then there was sniffing, and we saw a massive undead creature in the darkness. It was sniffing us out, and we ran up and out of the chamber.

    It burst through the stone itself to chase us, se we continued running out of the tunnels. It burrowed through the ground, still after us. Here I decided I must make some stand to defend the city. I struck out, but my weapon had no effect and was nearly swallowed for my efforts. The towers spotted the creature and an alarm was raised, and the beast was drawn towards the gate. The guards an I fought it, but we could not stop it. Many were slain.

    At this point Eskil appeared, and did some magic's to it. I do not know what he did, but the beast was destroyed. We were fortunate enough to save one of the guards from a grisly fate as well. Inside the beat burst forth one of Master Taymonts Reagents, Ichor of the Leviathan. Whatever this creature was, It was made with the aid of materials stolen by Yellow Puss.

    I seek that the guards who fell, and the one who lived be honored for their bravery in holding back what was an unstoppable beast. I must reach out and find the name of the survivor, who is very intrepid. I also would like it noted the Eskil was the one who stopped the beast and is a hero. He saved my life, Claudia's, the guard, and possibly the city.

    Dextar Jes'tar

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