Missives From Jadzia Sunguard

  • I crafted a double sword weapon for a lady named Isobella. she seemed quite pleased with this crafting in exchange she gave me the negative energy one she had been using. Such a foul weapon that can corrupt. I destroyed and disposed of it properly through correct prayer and ritual. She also offered thanks to Lathander. She is a soldier whom I believes serves Torm. Her goals seem to be to vanquish evil and protect the innocent. I feel given time and influence Lathander may warm and call to her heart. See what the knights can observe and speak to her of the strength and goals of the Aster.

    Dawnbringer Jadzia

  • I foubd and was attacked by undead circling a deceased courier this day. With Lathabders grace and strength I disposed if the undead and with prayer and last rites I cremated the remains of all should they try to rise again from grave.

    Dawnbringer Jadzia

  • To add further information to my encounter with the undead. I put out a sending warning travellers to be cautious on the road. Dextar answered this call and together we investigated even further to this dark encounter. We found more of these flash ghasts and disposed of them which led us down into caverns below the road. Within these caverns we found more undeath. Through Faith and Lathander's Grace we put them all to rest. We found a peculiar undead as well he tried to speak of a promise made. His flesh looked as though it was stitched to him. This has plagued my mind since. He could not focus long before he returned to eating the flesh of a rotting corpse within the caves. At this point with power granted by Lathander we incinerated this plague of evil flesh. As well when it was over I prayed last rites over the corpse and saw to its cremation to prevent evil from raising the corpse and any remains that had been left.

    I will pray apon this further as well as continue study and research within the library in the Temple. Perhaps with training and trial I might be able to divine or summon a servant of Lathander to lead us to shedding truth and light apon this situation.

    Dawnbringer Jadzia

  • I have tried through study and ritual to divine and summon a servant of Lathander but alas I have failed in my current attempts at this. Take heart I have my faith and I will not so easily give up it just means it will require further trial, study, and deep prayer.

    ritual setup.PNG ritual 5.PNG Ritual 4.PNG Ritual 3.PNG ritual 2.PNG

  • While out today to aid Dextar in a delivery he showed me a most dire sight. The Birthplace of the crownblade had been defiled and was overrun with bandits. We showed them the error of their ways by light and fire and blade. When all was cleared I cut down the bodies of the innocent lives taken. Read and prayed their last rites over then. Then proceeded to Cremate what was left of the bodies of the poor souls. I left the controlled fire burning as a Symbol of Lathanders light and his power to ward against further defilment. Apon our return trip the fire was still burning and stronger burning the corpses of the sinner bandits. A revellation of Lathander's guardian presence and his strength.
    Lathander be praised in his might and mercy.

    Dawnbringer Jadzia Sunguard

  • I make this report as I sit and heal from the ordeal. I had tended to a gnomes need to dispose of some rather large ants. Apon leaving the area I was sniffed out and confronted by that damned Rabid dog. I fell to his strength and his claws. He stole my mother's pewter Dawnbringer pendant. I will see this Dog burn with Lathander's holy light if its the last thing I do I swear. He shall not go unpunished. Lathander will guide my hands and my heart in this I know it. This rabbid flea bitten mutt has gone too far this time. As well as I lay wounded and bleeding a druid by the name of Greg found me. He aided me and escorted me back to the temple. He asked me to pass along a message to Sir Tiatus. You need to find the silver rod in the north. It is of dwarven make. It will help you with your fat goose problem. He claimed Sir Tiatus will know what this means. Now I must rest. I have much studying to do and rituals to practice if I am going to have any hope in destroying this wolf and his evil for the Glory of Lathander.......


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