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  • With the changes coming to Prestige Stores we were asked to add this so Start listing what you would like to see or what we should keep from the Eveningstar prestige shop. I will add some Ideas as time permits as well. Think of good items that cover a wide range from gear to weapons to lots of rp items that would be fitting for all types of the Aster, from Clerics to Paladins and everything in-between.

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    I approve this message.

  • I am thinking of course any of the Lathander related items in the Eveningstar Prestige store should be moved over to the house of the morning. Especially the robes and the flag for instance.
    I would like to maybe see some books and art in the prestige store since as cleric of Lathander we value literature and art just to name a couple. As well as the Lathander lawbook for Eveningstar. Not sure how to put these down as stat items but we can figure that out.

    For more complicated Rituals done by the clergy we do need an Item or token of Lathander

    Blessing of Lathander
    Pendant or a sunstone or somesuch
    A decription signifing its importance to complicated and powerful rituals and is a much have to try performing them icly as well.
    maybe just give it the stats of like +1 lore,spellcraft, and perform?

    Shield of Lathander
    Any size or all sizes the tower shield has a face model like the aster cloaks that would be befitting
    maybe add to it a low resistance to negative energy maybe or fire?

    Maybe different miscilansous items of some value to those who follow Lathander as specialty regeants for rituals and prayers?

    all I got for now might see what else I can come up with later when I can be ingame and compare to whats already in the Eveningstar Prestige store.

  • Sunoil

    A special oil made in secret by the Lathanderite clergy that allows for the ultimate blessed tan that will leave your skin kissed and glowing from Lathander's touch under the sun.

    cast light once for the glow?
    could also be used in other rituals for Lathander and his clergy.

  • sorta like the crimson legion had but access to bundles of holy arrows that are like +1 vs evil or just divine dmg?

    A small assortment of different weapons built around lathander. such as doing divine dmg like the greatsword and the mace that were in the Eveningstar prestige store. Maybe add like a longsword variant or a morningstar or Warhammer.
    Maybe more than one type of flag maybe one for each of the branches ie: monk flag, knight flag, clergy flag?
    Bouquets of Asters?

    Thats all I got for now.

  • As I have been playing and looking at some of my above suggestions maybe for some rings and jewelery or rp items for clergy to maybe have instead of like perform which is more of a bard thing change that to concentration I noticed not alot of things if any have that skill.
    Even maybe some of the new faction gear of the Aster on the Clergy end of things possibly not sure where Prof is currently at with that stuff but hoping we see the prestige stores and factions stuff in place soon I can barely wait. lol keep up the good work

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    Can you use the following format so its easier to see what you have suggested


  • Name Blessing of Lathander
    Desc A pendant of those that Follow the Morninglord and the light. Used in meditative prayers by many of the clergy.
    Stats +1 concentration
    +1 lore

    Name Shield of Lathander
    Desc Holy shield of Lathander. Issued to those of the Faith. Displayed on its face its a symbol of the Morninglord
    Stats +1 resist to negative energy
    +1 to discipline

    Name Sun Oil
    Desc A secret blend of oils and herbs used by most of Lathander's clergy for that divine glowing Tan
    Stats 1 cast light when used

    Name Ring of Radiant Truth
    Desc A ring dipicting the sun around its band in eloquent design
    Stats +1 concentration
    Cast bless once/day

  • Name A Paladin sword of Striking
    Desc A blade honored among the aster for its design. the metal is so perfected its as if it sings when swung
    Stats longsword?
    +2 sonic damage
    +2 Massive crits

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    @Valkyrie said in House of the Morning Prestige Store:

    Name A Paladin sword of Striking
    Desc A blade honored among the aster for its design. the metal is so perfected its as if it sings when swung
    Stats longsword?
    +2 sonic damage
    +2 Massive crits

    Its unlikely to add weapons that are not themed around the faction. For example the Great Sword is only available cause of past player plots, whilst the mace is available for its Lathanders favoured weapon.

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