Chosen of the Crownblade

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    The announcement of Arabel finally choosing a new King and Queen, by resurrecting its ancient royal noble house Goldfeather from the dead, shocked all nations across the Western Heartlands. Whilst the reveal of former Lady Kestrel Vaylan's heritage as the long lost heiress of House Goldfeather would alone stun many to silence, but the fact that she agreed to marry a bastard of House Obarskyr caused many jaws to drop to the floor. Two rival royal bloodlines united, under the ancient banner of Goldfeather, guided together by the Crownblade known as Laam Wilaml. King Matrim of Obarsky and Queen Kestrel of Goldfeather, were officiated by High Priestess Arianna Redlock of Tymora in the People’s Place, after the defeat of the White Witch in 1361DR. United as one through the creation of the Crownblade known as Laam Wilaml and their rise to power following the kneel of High Dawnknight Tiatus Thornwind, inspiring the former First Peer Lord Jastyne Vaylan to bend the knee as well, soon all other witnesses and councilors followed suit.

    A new dawn has come to Arabel, its ancient royal bloodline and forgotten heritage restored.


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