Southhorn undead problem

  • Crimson Guard

    North of Eveningstar lies the first battlesight of the Revolution. I think it disgraceful that such a site be defiled by the undead that walk there. (Also its a potential security risk)

    I would like to see to this problem as I think it behoves the council of 12 to consider this matter seriously. I have little information but any information is better then nothing.


  • Order of the Aster

    Most of the undead are basic zombies or purple dragons I've found. I know a massive battle was fought here, and it was here that Lord Jastyne Vaylan began her legend. We should meet and discuss this, Fang Therene. I believe the matter far more personal for House Vaylan than is meant for a public forum.

    There is a problem - and I think you're already on the right track.

    -Sir Nicholas,
    Dawnknight of Eveningstar
    Order of Aster

  • Wild Walkers

    A land is restless. Many moon ago, a knight was encountered a few times. it roamed, seeking a champion to protect the people and to continue to defend their cause. We have not seen this one for a time, but as the dead as still restless, we suspect he did not find what he wanted for his people.

    A Crimson one, elf, Crimson Bear we called him, once fought it and gained a weapon from it. Perhaps the Crimson ones can dig around their papers to find his notes, if he left any.

    • The Redwoods

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