Laam Wilaml

  • Order of the Aster

    Participants: Fang Kirin Ashewood, Fang Therene, Dawnknight Tiatus Thornwind, Dawnsquire Jadzia, Dawnsquire Muric, Kaldo the Undead hunter, Commander Taaliyah the Luckbringer, Danny Steele, Jessika the Bard, Senior Retainer Rismente, Exchequer Osco Appleblossom, Retainer Raposa, Toby the Drunken Wizard, Anyo the Tymoran.

    Fellow Councilors,

    Some time ago, while travelling with a collection of Arabels heroes, we came upon a strange sword stuck in a stone dais along the Gnoll Pass. Many had found this, and many had tried to pull it free, all of which failed. Along the dais, under much dust and weathering, a phrase was written in the language of ancient netherese: "At Dawn, Face the Sun." I pulled upon the blade, and severed it from the stones, with my hubris, I shattered the precious gift of the Old Sun. Many of you are aware that the shards still glowed and echoed with life, begging to be remade in the new Light.

    You are also aware of my desires for the sword - to use it to bring hope, courage, and inspiration to Arabel by using it to find a worthy sovreign.

    The blade, my dear councilors, has been reformed.

    The blade, my dear councilors, has glowed with hot white passionate light when the hands of Sir Matrim Kingsley and Lady Krestel Vaylan met.

    The blade has chosen successors. A pair to wield it against the forces of darkness, and indeed, unite Arabel.

    I've spent the past few weeks travelling with the pieces in a clay Jar. The blade itself witnessing great deeds, and hearing the oaths of druids, knights, and the words of those who care for Arabel.

    • At the Peak of the Stormhorns, Dawnknight Tiatus Thornwind spoke his oath to it.

    • At the Hullack Shards, it received a blessing from the Hullack Spirit, to deem it carry Wisdom. Nanthleenee would have whomever it chose, understand the land and protect it.

    • We travelled to the Stonelands with it, and set free Lord Islyn Misrim from a great horror, risking all for one of Arabels trusted Nobles.
      It was with me when we ended the horror, Nihlos Carver, and the Wererats.

    • Lathander offered us a White Stag as Muric the Dawnsquire carried it on Pilgrimage to the height of the Stormhorns. He raised the jar, coated in fresh offering, high above his head and offered it prayer. A bold of lightning stuck him, enriching the blade-shards.

    Seneschal Jeldri of the Order of Aster offered to work the shards into a form on 2/12/2021.

    We've worked it into a form, that of a greatsword - and our old elvish allies have aided us in giving it a name, Laam Wilaml, "New Dawn. A reclaimed by Lathander, a White Flame to lead us from the terrors of the night.

    After it was reforged, many of you and a host of adventurers were gathered. One and all, pieces of our ritual. The necessity of these reagents, these people, was to pour their good will and inspiration, their very hearts as heroes into a sword fit to lead us. Like true heroes, each one of you did thusly.

    We delved deep into an old chasm, to a place of power known only to a few as the Ruins of Amazander. Here, beyond the multitude of tests of the Netheril Age, we found a sacred union, a marriage place of two elvish families. Here, Laam Wilaml would be given life and solid form.

    We were pursued by an unseen enemy who assaulted our minds. A scream, a laugh, a wail, each attack the voice grew nearer and inflicted some semblence of pain or suffering. The White Witch was upon us. The remnants of the Black Tribe at her whim came from all directions as we crossed the great Stonelands searching for the Anaurian Towers.

    The Greatsword deemed by my fellowship, "The Crownblade" would be set upon the ground before the alter of this Elvish Family. A circle of diamonds, ruby, topaz, fire opals, agates, all surrounded the blade to enrich it. a Tymoran Coin wrapped around the blade, a Gem of Maluradek upon the pommel, a white stag belt coated the blade as a sheath, and a dragons scale upon the hilt. Each reagent was delivered to the ritual by an adventurer, or councilor, or Knight. We encircled it, and a bardess began to play soft music - to lull the blade peacefully into existence. The White Witch screamed "NOOO!" as a pillar of white light engulfed us all. A whirling dragon flew overhead. The Tymoran Luckbringer began her poem of fortune and boldness while the Knights of Aster surrounded the blade with a druidess forcing back the unrelenting darkness.

    We held fast, and after the explosion - a calm settled.

    At our feet, a Greatblade awaited us. I picked it up with my hand, delicate and care-ing. "Laam Wilaml" I said.

    "What is Laam Wilaml?" a voice began, though seemingly only audible to me.

    "It means New Dawn in Elvish." I responded..

    "Thank you." the voice went silent.

    It fell back into a deep sleep, and we began to make our way out of the ruins of Amazander.

    Near the exit, we met a pair man in dark clad leather armor with a deep green cloak. He demanded the Crownblade be handed over. A duel was offered by Dawnknight Thornwind, however I refused to be part of such. If we truly did awaken the blade, giving it new life and sentience, the first lesson could be that the sword itself, was a tool to be wagered. We must prove to it we are better. We must be the best of Arabel if we are to teach it our ways, and have it unite us.

    The man offered us safe passage - that he only wanted to blade, no lives need be taken. We refused, all except Senior Retainer Rismente and Retainer Raposa, who agreed to take no part in the battle as they did not feel the sword worth their lives.

    A battle ensued, and many escaped from this attempted theft of the blade, however we were able to put many upon the ground. We emerged victorious.

    There is but one true test left that will finally awaken Laam Wilaml for good. It must meet a true enemy of Arabel, one that we -all- stand in unity against. An enemy that would see every last Arabellan slain if it were in her power.

    Indeed, the blade will strike Maura Marliir, the White Witch. This is its destiny. This will awaken it.

    We've made a weapon of some level of sentience, as it has chosen to react differently to different people, that will unite the Kingdom. It seeks worthy hands that will lead us, and the White Witch fears it.

    All that remains is awakening the blades true self and potential. A risky time draws near, as the blade is essentially a newborn, and very impressionable. Already people have attempted to claim it. I believe it will meet its fullest potential after it has drawn blood from one of Arabels greatest enemies, Maura Marliir.

    Next Steps:
    I will elect those worthy to be blade-bearers to carry the sword and do great deeds as a means of showing Laam Wilaml what it means to be a true hero of Arabel.

    I will use it to strike the White Witch.

    -Sir Nicholas
    Dawnknight of Eveningstar
    Order of Aster

  • Order of the Aster

    I take comments, and questions, if you deem yourself capable of holding the sword, I offer you a chance, though know that any test will need to meet the approval of the Order of Aster, who act as caretakers of this noble gift of Lathander.

    -Sir Nicholas,
    Dawnknight of Eveningstar
    Order of Aster

  • Can I teach it inap exotic drinking songs?

    Or at least, tell it some stories about some people I know?


  • Many has taught lessons to Laam Wilaml and held it whilst venturing across the land of Arabel, the blade sings beautifully in battle and it is cherished by all who hold it. Even in Sir Appleberry's present condition, the blade continues to learn and evolve with the lessons given to it by the people of Arabel.

    Luckbringer Ottilie

  • Glowing swords is a terrible way to choose a government. This goes for the Dragon Bastard, Lady Vaylan, Obyn, or anyone else.

  • Order of the Aster

    Laam Wilaml is by no means a way of governing.

    Its a means of finding those capable of such.

    Obyn Misrim, would rule his people and rule them well.

    As would Sir Kingsley, and Krestel Vaylan who are both caring people.

    But as each of you knows, it takes more than just kind words and a good heart to act in your peoples best interests.

    -Sir Nicholas, Dawnknight of Eveningstar.

  • Order of the Aster

    Those who have carried Laam Wilaml, with the intention of sharing their tales and sharing good will. It is proper for the sword to know the Spirit of Arabel if it is meant to find the hands of a noble leader.

    Laurel Wildwalker, wielded the blade within the Hullack Forest, she spoke of understanding - knowing all people have worth and deserve to be fought for. Laurel reminisced about her life growing up in Sembia, she spoke of the cutthroat politics, oppression of the non-human races, and how self-serving attitudes will divide peoples. Her vision of Arabel United is one where ancestral bloodline is not used to judge worth. All deserve dignity and a good ruler would protect even those marginalized by society.

    Danny Steele, wielded it with the Kings Forest, the yawning Abyss. He spoke a private lesson in elvish, which later he revealed to be about truth and courage to do difficult tasks.

    Dawnknight Muric, carried it on his person as we carved our way into the Stormhorns. He described loyalty and the meaning of service to the blade.

    Kaldo the Undead-slayer, he carried the blade within the Hullack and Stormhorns as well, he spoke of his sister who was slain by undead at a young age. He spoke of his lust to avenge her, and his wish to protect others who might suffer the same fate.

    Sir Nicholas, I've carried it myself at every chance I can. I have spoken to the blade, and it has spoken with me on what it means to Rule. Most importantly, I've hoped to bestow a semblance of trust within the blade. As I offer to let others teach it lessons, it is my wish that it too would find it within itself to learn to trust the People of Arabel, and offer this same lesson to the would-be ruler.

    Luckbringer Ottilie Taaliyah, Commander of the Twelve, has earned the privilage of carrying Laam Wilaml for -two days- after besting Dawnknight Tiatus Thornwind in combat. She wishes to teach it how to achieve its goals, by way of passion as feverous commitment.

    The blade is meant to embody the spirit of Arabel. To protect its most common adventurer, and to defend her spirit and body. The blade will find a person, or persons, most capable of these feats and it will aid in their attempt to secure the Kingdom.

    Councilor Dextar Jes'tar found the strength to wield Laam Wilaml and spoke to it in whispers regarding lessons of trust and friendship. Midway through the lesson, these were demonstrated when a Gorgon took us by surprise and encased Councilor Jes'tar in stone-flesh, along with Laam Wilaml. His party, myself, Commander Ottilie, Councilor Grurec, Faryn the elf, Celinda the elf, Topher the Tormite leapt into action. Otti stayed with Councilor Jes'tar while the rest of us hunted the great "Queens Abyss" for another gorgon so we might fashion a potion of Gorgons Bane. We were lucky enough to come upon a Hobgoblin hunting party which appeared to be trying to capture a Gorgon. We slew the party, killed the Gorgon, and found -2- potions of Gorgons Bane along with a Gorgon scale. We returned to Dextar, restored him to flesh, and concluded our expedition as one. In the end, Councilor Dextar Jes'tars' lesson to the blade was only enhanced through demonstration, as it was the trust he spoke of - the trust in his companions, that led to his salvation.

    //edited 3/4/2021//

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