Sailor's Jeer Spell

  • This spells has a DC to resist.

    It's meant to be a friendly spell to aid in boosting taunt. I suggest removing the DC when used on self/party member/non hostile.

    I haven't tried it on a hostile. But maybe leave a DC for that and cause them to have a negative of some sort as they are forced to shout taunts against their will.

  • Admin [DM]

    It is not a "friendly" spell. It forces a pc to do something beyond their control, under the effect of silence etc. The +4 to taunt is a side effect.

    Sailor's Jeer

    • Target must make a Will save or cannot stop cursing, and gets silenced, -40 Move Silently, and +4 Taunt for 1 round/level

    Closing. Working as intended.

  • Updated suggestion then.

    Can it have no DC if cast on self, like silence does, since you are willfully casting it on yourself?

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