The Reaper

  • Admin [DM]

    Black smoke rose high into the sky over the village of Bospir. Any travelers passing through the place would easily be able to see that the hamlet had been the victim of a gruesome attack. Parts of buildings lay smashed, and several dead bodies of the village's inhabitants lay strewn across the area. With them, three giant sized rotting corpses of what can only be assumed to be the creatures behind the destruction. Many of the villagers look frightened, and when asked of what transpired, several stories are given.

    Some speak of a black armored man who accompanied the rotting giants, only to have disappeared into thin air following a shroud of darkness. Others speak of a band of heroes who showed up to save Bospir in it's time of need, who ventured into the Deadwell graveyard.

    Whichever story is true is a mystery, but they all have a similar thing in common. The mention of The Reaper.

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