Further Security Measures - Chat Commands

  • Hello everyone,

    This is a new mechanic but gets a post since its very important. Pretty much we do know of late the gamespy doesn't help us in the authentication process of an account. We already have filters that check your IP address, your CDKey and other security measures to give you guarantees that your vault and the server vault remains unharmed from the dudes who know how to hack an account and think they own the world because they are awesome.

    This new routine, however, is more of a tool to extend your security.
    Its a PC password system. Once upon the life of a character you will be asked (its not mandatory) to set a password to your character by using a chat command .password #.

    Example: Nooby McNewb just joined the server and wishes to add a password to further his protection to his new loved character. He goes and type .password chickenlittle.

    And done, your password will be saved. It cannot be changed, it cannot be deleted, it cannot be manipulated at all (unless you ask a DM).

    Once you find yourself having problems because you swapped your CDKey, or changed the IPAddress of your computer, or anything that will "frozen" your character and tell you to look for a DM, you will use your password previously set to get away from trouble!

    Example: Nooby McNewb gave his CD key to his imaginary girlfriend. Days later he bought another pair of CD keys and tried to log on the server. He got frozen for not playing with his usual CD keys. However, Nooby is smart, and he had taken note of his password chickenlittle. So he types: .auth chickenlittle, authenticating his character and getting out of the frozen state.


    TL;DR: .password # will let you set a password to your character once on his life. If you ever face CDkey issues, you may use the .auth # with the password previously set to break free from being frozen and unable to play.

  • Guys, this system has went through a revamp and is now more powerful. Upon logging with your characters, if you haven't set a PC Password to it, you will be teleported to the DM Chat area so you do it. In case someone tries to log into your account it will be further protected. This is a work in progress and its not yet complete, so feel free to PM me in case you are having bugs.