Demonic Cage

  • Demonic Cage.

    • Adventurers have been stalked by a strange cage with a chair inside, appearing out of nowhere
    • The Dawnknight and myself came across it during our mapping of Deadwell
    • Upon involuntary entrance on my part, we found ourselves in an ancient prison, filled with passive, empty gazing undead
    • Any attempt to turn or bring the undead to rest failed, blessed coins were left at their cell in hope to guide their souls
    • At the end of the corridor, contained within a cell, surrounded by magical treasures stood a figure nicknamed "The Trader"
    • It offered exchange, ignoring attempts of pleasantries with the comment that names were not of import, it only wished to trade
    • I gifted it a tymoran kiss and blessing, praying for its and the other souls freedom. Three times it attempted to offer items
    • On the fourth attempt, a pair of darksteel pants appeared, which the Dawnknight commented on to be of import to the Emissary
    • The trousers were accepted, along with an evil slaying arrow by the Dawnknight. The prison then shook and we were warned to run, before the prison kept us eternally
    • We ran for the exit, yet the Dawnknight lagged behind upon seeing a demonic giant, with one arm and a giant sword
    • For a few seconds, the Dawnknight managed to exit the cage with me, only for chains to whip out of the cage and grab onto his leg
    • Unable to break free, the Dawnknight attempted to remove his leg with my aid. We were unable to do so, and he was taken inside

    First Hand Reference: Ottilie, Dawnknight Appleberry

    Prison Break.

    • As the Dawn knight disappeared, I attempted to exchange myself in his stead, yet my offer was rejected as the "Trader" appeared
    • The "Trader" did however allow me to return with others, in exchange for my work in progress map on Deadwell. A map for a path, a fair trade
    • Together with Fang Kirin Ashewood, Laurel Wildwalker, and Retainer Rismente. We entered the cage once more
    • The zombie which unlocks the arrival cell for trade, arrived once more and said "down, jailor, don't, run", we assumed this war a warning the jailor was downstairs
    • Strange guards stalked the halls, speaking in a tongue none of us understood. In the end, they attacked us with vicious blade
    • With fortune and luck, we managed to push through the guards. Upstairs was locked, and instead we ventured down and freed the Dawnknight from his cell
    • Together, we sought to escape yet suddenly a vision of a black void, twisted horn and a withering whip appeared. The jailor
    • Powerful, with his cruel whip of certain pain. We decided to give up the fight and retreat, fleeing to the exit together
    • Finally we made it out, all of us. The cage gone.. and not returning, for now

    First Hand Reference: Ottilie, Dawnknight Appleberry, Fang Kirin Ashewood, Retainer Rismente, Laurel Wildwalker


    • The Dawnknight is well, not cursed, not tainted. Only a chain shaped scar left on his leg
    • The Darksteel pants have been gifted to the Emissary, and is due further inspection
    • I plan to make subtle posters, warning travelers of the cages demonic dealings in a way which does not cause panic, nor temptation


  • Let not temptation lead you a stray, for infernal sources seeks you to slay.
    Your soul is not for play, so keep the cage at bay, for its hidden price far too high to pay.
    Turn away and live another day, let not evil cause the gods dismay.
    With demons there is no midway.

    I hope this poster is enough to sway some adventurers away from the temptations of the demonic cage.
    Edits are welcome, I aim to publish it later today.


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