Arabel's Midwinter Fair

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    Arabel's Midwinter Fair

    In times of trouble, let us celebrate double.
    To remember our dear fallen, this celebration shall go all-in.
    Let us make merry, in our freedom sanctuary.

    There will be lots of games, perhaps even flames.
    There will be fishing, and lots of merry wishing.
    Too we will spar, surrounded by a bazaar.
    As the cherry on top, a song before we close shop.

    Come and let us celebrate in the cold, for fortune favors the bold!

    (( Time pending, Jan 16th UTC ))

    As discussed with many of you, I am working on a Midwinter Fair to to honor our fallen and boost moral.
    So! First concern is to honor our fallen peers, then boost moral whilst giving the council a much needed boost.
    Important to note is, that we are pretty certain that our enemies will come to put a damper on the events.

    Some tasks:

    • Prepare and supply ourselves for possible ambush
    • Hire the calantar's road event area, it has tents
    • Arrange activates such as:
      A song by the Emissary, I would like this to be the finale
      Test of battle, fighting summoned beasts! We will need a summoner for this, I am sure we can think of a few~
      Fishing competition in the knight's pond, Sybil has offered to run it
      Merchant stalls and general sales, Rismente has volunteered
    • Maybe a speech by the council, presenting what we have done so far, Dawnknight Appleberry suggested something dedicated for the late king

    Suggestions are welcome!


    (( I was thinking for time 16:00EST / 21:00UTC / 10:00NZDT ))

  • Ottilie,
    As I said when we spoke at the estate, I think this is a fine way to honor our fallen friends. Please send me a list of what you will require and I will see that purchases are made.

  • Order of the Aster

    A good point was made by Clerk Robinson,

    We never had a funeral for our late king, Gondegal.

    Perhaps we can dedicate one of the celebrations to his memory?

    -Dawnknight Appleberry

  • Happy to make some time for it, will you be willing to hold a speech Dawnknight?


  • Order of the Aster

    Of course I will!

    But I would also like to ask Exchequer Appleblossom to price out a large amount of cheese, a cart load, to be exact.

    This will be on display at the rear end of the feast hall, far away from the door.

    Is that possible?

    -Dawnknight Appleberry

  • Gladly. Any particular type of cheese? I was thinking Sleepy Cheese would be nice.

  • Order of the Aster

    Something with a strong aroma. We want it to be noticed. O, does this sound good to you?

    -Dawnknight Appleberry

    1. The Luck Bringer's Opening Ceremony: Brief rhyme by Ottilie
      1.1 Describe Outfit Competition: Best outfit of the event receives a reward, winner announced before the summon fight. Donation of choice to take part
      1.2 Describe Luck Competition: Anyone may roll the Luckbringer's dice once, roll a twenty and win a prize! Donation of choice to take part
      1.3 Describe Sybil's Fab Fishing Competition: Biggest rainbow trout wins, three to five tries per person. Donation of choice to take part
      1.4 Announce the Emissary's performance starts in twenty minutes.

    2. Emissary Selifrey sings a lovely song
      2.2 Announce that the trials of three will begin in ten minutes

    3. Trials of Three
      3.1 First Peer's Strength: First to lift the boulder wins a special prize! Donation of choice to take part
      3.2 Jo's Dexterity: First to bite an apple from the barrel wins a prize! Donation of choice to take part
      3.3 Bloody Baker's Wits: First to solve the riddle wins a prize! Donation of choice to take part
      3.4 Announce that Nich's speech starts in five minutes

    4. Nich's speech
      4.1 Winners of Outfit and Fishing announced, announce Mortals vs Summons competition starts in ten minutes

    5. Mortals vs Summons: Each participant fights a set of summons, if more than one make it though they duel each other with their fists. Donation of choice to take part
      5.1 Winner is announces, thank you speech

  • [A copy of a purchase order is placed in the file along with a note.]

    Appleberry, I added to the funds you gave me to cover the deficit.


  • Twelve thousand gold has been donated to Slingdyke's orphanage.

    Luckbringer Ottilie

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