An Oath of Office

  • Order of the Aster


    With the passing of Senior Retainer Aric Polk, who I believe had each of us swear an oath in our own right, I put forward the idea we formalize this formality. Both in honor of memory, and as a respect to the State of Arabel, the oath of office is not to be taken lightly. It is acceptance of duty to Arabel, its people, and our republic.

    I would like to begin the discussion on what our own oath of office might look like. Some of what Senior Retainer Polk had us swear to are Oaths to keep State Secrets (not discussing secret council matters) and to work towards the ending of various threats to the kingdom.

    1. Swear an oath of service to the Council of Twelve and the First Peer, and of course, the Free People of Arabel.

    2. Swear to maintain the sovereignty of the nation.

    3. Swear to maintain the secrecy of the Council of Twelve matters which are not public knowledge.

    Each oath would also be sworn on the holy scripture of whichever deity the individual favors, though a suggestion may be made to -honorable- deities whom favor keeping ones word. Tyr, Lathander, the Red Knight, etc.

    I now open the floor to collaboration, please feel free to enter your suggestions here, I will put together a document we may vote on after the discussion is ended.

    -Dawnknight Nicholas Alwin Appleberry.

    • I solemnly swear, with the gods(or god of choice) as my witness, to serve and protect Arabel, its people, its First Peer and its councils. Never shall my words, actions, nor inactions, expose them to danger. Henceforth, I am bound by duty to serve Arabel, and its First Peer, to safeguard its secrets, this I swear on penalty of death. For Arabel, For Freedom, Forever.

    The above text is my suggestion, it should cover the points which the Dawnknight raised.


  • Storyteller [DM]

    Knight Appleberry,

    No Servant of Mine shall swear to serve the city before their lord. Lady Islyn echoes this statement as well. Nor would we ask you to swear oath that might supersede your allegiance to the Order of Aster.

    Lady Kestrel Vaylan

  • Wild Walkers

    Our Oath is to Nature and the Land.
    Nothing will come above.

    • Children of the Redwoods, on behalf of the Druid Circles of the Region.

  • Order of the Aster

    Right, this is why a discussion is necessary. We can remove that bit regarding service to the city.

    We can also use phrases like "to the best of my ability" which would prevent us from breaking our other oaths,as if something is outside our ability, (joining forces with a necromancer, dine-ing with dwarves, etc.) we need not do those things.

    A pledge would be more our tone as well, like Ottilie suggested.

    -Dawnknight Appleberry

  • As Polk liked to word it: "Do you swear to protect this City, the Lands, and its people to the best of your ability?" A simple, yet very complicated question. One that must be answered with a heart-felt "yes".

  • Order of the Aster

    Thus far this is what we have. It would be a simple conversation with some weight to be bestowed on the member, as it should have some meaning and integrity, as Osco points out.

    1. "Do you swear to protect this City, the Lands, and its people, to the best of your ability?"


    1. "Do you swear to safeguard the Council of Twelves secrets, to the best of your ability?"


    1. "Never shall your words, actions, nor inactions expose them to needless danger"

    "I solemnly swear this, before (gods of choice) and (witness name, Twelve member, or Peer)"

    I think it should be kept simplistic. Its not an oath of service, but a pledge to essentially, do your best.

    Nanthleenee, does any of this infringe on your oath?

    -Dawnknight Appleberry


  • Wild Walkers

    In the past...
    A City has harmed the Land.
    A City has harmed the People.
    A People has harmed the Land.
    A People has harmed the City.
    A Land has harmed the People.
    A Land has harmed the City.

    But a Land does so to defend itself or reclaim was was brutally taken from it. We cannot say the same from the City, or the People.

    We can say this, however.

    Our Oath is to the Land.
    Yet we have made a promise.
    To council the First Peer with wisdom, and to the best of our abilities.

    • The Children of the Redwoods

  • I swear not to be a total guffin.

    -Kirin Ashewood

  • I quite like Polk's question, it does not complicate external oaths, but ensures the heart is right.


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