Senior Retainer Polk

  • Order of the Aster

    With great sorrow I announce to the Council that Senior Retainer Polk, at precisely the 18hr of this past eve, was struck dead by the villainous Wererat, Necromancer named "Paul" and the Rotting One orc Zurask.

    Though his life was stolen from us, his place in our heart is eternal, as is the light he surely joined.

    You all know that Senior Retainer Aric Polk and I had our differences. I am happy to admit, on the morning of his final day, I met in private with Polk and buried the hatchet. We made our peace, for the greater good of Arabel, and hoped to work together. As a team.

    In honor of his memory, I extend to you all this same kindness that he extended me, and hope we might work for a stronger Arabel.

    Though i'm sure your questions are numerous regarding the event, I do not have all the details, at the time of his passing I was deep in Hullack fighting the Infernal worgs with Martaen, who also fell, then was swallowed whole by the Warlords Favorite.

    -Dawnknight Nicholas Alwin Appleberry.

  • There will be hell to pay and blood shall be spilled. I will not rest until he is avenged.

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