Report from the Luck Bringer


    Blessed be your fortunes, may your wealth and aspirations be blessed tenfold by our dear Lady Luck.

    I have been in Arabel but a short time, compared to so many of you. However, there is some matters which I believe is most wise to share with those who can make a real difference to the people of Arabel. Thank you for your time, I hope this will be of use.

    The White Witch.

    • Appeared many months ago, maybe a year? First sighted among the White Horde
    • Killed the late King, destroyed the mage tower and maybe its leader, and the late Lord Vaylan
    • Has been attacking adventurers inside caverns, breaking into their mind
    • As far as records goes, has never spoke herself, only in Netherese through others

    First Hand References: The Great Druid, Sir Appleberry, Champion Hallenthen, Kerym


    • Lots of rats wandering in broad daylight, chasing poor adventurers around
    • Wererats have been recorded robbing adventurers in the Sewers and Hullack

    First Hand References: Ottilie, Therene

    Blood Rituals.

    • Strange blood rituals have been discovered along the High Road, in the Hullack Forest and Dragon Trail
    • High Road ritual had a note referencing the late Sir Aritian
    • Hullack Forest ritual had no note, but was surrounded by zombie goblins
    • Dragon Trail ritual triggered a rotten beech tree to attack Slingdyke
    • It is unclear if any of these rituals are related to one another, but they all involve blood

    First Hand Reference: Ottilie, Kirin of Crimson, Sir Appleberry, Elaine, Aric

    Strange Angry Fire Worgs.

    • Angry Fire Worgs with fire breath, healing flesh and strange black appearance have been attacking people on the roads
    • Belongs to or is created by a Warlord of the White Horde
    • One specimen was captured and is held in the Hunters Union
    • Kerym Kirin the Elf, Emissary Selifrey and Laurel appear to be experts on the matter

    First Hand Reference: Kirin the Elf, Laurel, Ottilie, Martaen, Emissary Selifrey

    Thank you once more, may Lady Luck smile upon you!


  • Elves

    Additional report.Rot.

    • Wanted by the High Priestess of Tymora

    • Zurask of the Rot, dangerous priest who can summon powerful undead such as giants.

    • Will attack those seeking to cleanse the land and protect Arabel, highly dangerous

    • Uses maggots and.. muck to infect his victims. Agonizing pain

    • May have left undead in the Gnoll Pass to prey onto travelers

    • Most of the undead were cleared in Gnoll Pass, no note found

  • Elves

    I have put up an additional 5000 coins to the bounty. I have been watching this orc, and now with this report and the sending made, we have enough to act.

    I have seen him sulk around Bospir, (likely gaining insight from Deadwell), in the Manticore, and in the sewers. I will honor the bounty for any of you that bring him in, though in our cases, it is our duty.


  • Order of the Aster

    Retainer Polk,

    At what time would it be favorable to post the Luckbringers request to join the Council?

    She has done fine work and inspires the people.

    -Dawnknight Appleberry

  • Elves

    Allow Osco the honor to nominate her. His nomination would not need a second. But I think this will be a fast discussion and vote.

  • Gladly!

    Vote here

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