The Black Menace...

  • Onyx!

    A vile crystal full of dark forces? or a pretty bauble for your loved one?

    People have been tossing ornaments into the streets which are made of this black gem- there's also a lot of cheap onyx jewellery being sold. At least one merchant who specialised in the highest quality onyx jewellery has gone out of business and is now slumming it in downtown.

    Several groups of merchants have been seen heading to the Palace, angry, shouting- they've also burst into House Misrim and had to be calmed down by Monica Thond (a merchant of some note, who themselves deals in gems)

    Children have been seen playing with Onyx they found in the streets, there is a new game- "chase the necker!" where the one holding the onyx gem (the necker, or necromancer) gets run after by the other children wearing bright yellow arm bands or makeshift "helmets" and carrying wooden swords "Lathander's light with get you necker!" - This game is particularly popular in Eveningstar- though has managed to arrive in Arabel via the children who's families move between the two on caravans.

    Several shipments of gems have not arrived in Arabel, and merchants have had to make special arrangements to pick up their supplies, some magic shops have stopped making various scrolls, potions, and wands available due to lack of reagent supplies. Business is not booming.

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