Eveningstar Security - Reports

  • This listing is to document the movements of potential threats near Eveningstar. This same format could be applied to any report throughout Arabel, though as of yet the only reports I have pertain to the security of Eveningstar.

    Description of Event:
    Indicated Organization:

  • @Voss
    Description of Event:
    A large amount of Kobolds, including one dragontouched kobold leader, took up a defensive position on the outskirts of Eastern eveningstar, between Darenhaal Home and Eveningstar. They blocked the road and assaulted us when we approached. It was Lathanders Light which guided us to victory. All of them were put to the sword as mercifully as possible.
    Indicated Organization:
    The largest of these goblins had various white feathers in his helm, indicated he worked for the White Horde. It is possible the White Horde, which I've heard is a pawn of Obyn Misrim, is scouting weak points in Arabels armor. Eveningstar is such a weakpoint.
    Every last one of them was slain.

  • Date:
    Description of Event:
    A large group of goblins, West of Eveningstar, created a blockade of traps and various barricades to attempt to overwhelm my party. These goblins were no match for the light of Lathander.
    Indicated Organization:
    Unknown. The leader of them was able to escape mostly unharmed. Though I am sure we will see him again..
    None. The goblin leader escaped, and is a natural threat to the citizens of Eveningstar.

  • Date:
    Description of Event:
    This is for documentation only of a past event, some years ago. Witness to his families murder.
    Indicated Organization:
    True Sun Heresy
    Dario confesses that "Lawmen" executed his mother and father during the war, claiming it justice without cause. This will need to be investigated whether he likes it or not. We need the last name of Dario to continue. He says the Palace is unaware of the event, however it took place near, possible in Arabel.

  • Report: banites near eveningstar, encamped.

    Description of Event:
    A large contingent of Banite Mercenaries, openly wearing the black hand of Bane, has been seen entrenching themselves the the Westlands. I requested entry into their camp as a city official and protector of the people, wishing to know why they were 'entrenching' and essentially digging in a defensive posture.

    I approached the Captain who refused to give his name, his contacts, and refused to declare the name of their company.

    The Captain of this mercenary contigent stated they have come to the region to soil themselves on the spoils of war. They intend to join the "winning side" of whatever conflict they can. They did not have a sole tributary yet, however they were in the market.

    Due to the threatening nature of the man, and his fanatical support of the Dead God Bane, I informed him that he - and his entire company, were henceforth banished from Eveningstar.

    However, without the name of the company, I was at odds, and thus, to protect the people, I banished his company through faith. Until we have their name, I have banished -all- worshipers of Bane from Eveningstar.

    Their numbers are growing and are as follows:
    -17 men at arms, 1 of which is located at Falcons Rest defending a private room.
    -1 captain
    -Five horses.

    They were still setting up camp and digging in. So likely these numbers are severely understated.

    One note - he did mention not wanting to fight along side Monsterous Races... So he might not be in the area to join the White Horde. But Obyn Misrim? it is a possibility.

    Indicated Organization:
    Banite mercenary company, nameless, labelled by me "Secret Hand of Bane"

    Banished the mercenaries from Eveningstar through faith, by banning all Banites.

    -Dawnknight Nicholas Alwin Appleberry.

  • @sharkinajar

    I have spoken to the captain of Gerhalt's Company. He is a well-seasoned man of which I sensed no ill-will. His company will ask the council for 175,000 gold coins. I have asked that he also take and train the Rabble Rousers, which he has agreed to do as a condition of employment.

    The Captain of Gerhalt's Company is Brackenbrook. A one eyed, one handed, one legged warrior who has the full respect of his men. He talks straight, and I witnessed him praise Tymora and Tempus.

    Aritian, I -highly- recommend that you use whatever influence you can muster so that the council hires these men. they aren't the most expensive, but they are honest and seasoned, and willing to work with us.

    And most importantly, they will help the cause Keline speaks of.

    -Dawnknight Appleberry

  • Aritian,

    What do you say to a precision strike upon the encampment of the Banite worshipers, the Unbroken?

    sitting on the road with the corpses of all manner of beasts piked between Arabel and Eveningstar.

    They are banished from Eveningstar at this moment.

    Perhaps I go to far...

    -Dawnknight Nicholas Alwin Appleberry

  • Dawnknight Nicholas,

    Followers of foul deities, even dead ones, shall hold no sway. They will not be given mercy. Prepare, and we shall cleanse foul blight.

    May the Dawn be with you,
    Dawnknight Aritian

  • Aritian,

    I have received a report that the Death Cultist has a second, now. I have observed a man dressed like him wandering Arabel. I also have received word that the Necromantic red shard in the hullack keeps getting activated in the dead of night, allowing it to grow. I believe it is the death cult, but I have no proof.

    -Dawnknight Nicholas

  • A mercenary group by the name of the UNBROKEN, worshipers of the dead god BANE are being considered by the Council of Twelve. The Captain of the group has not shown himself in some time, however a priest by the name of Dorian, a lieutenant, has somehow fooled the council into thinking they are nothing more than humble mercenaries seeking to rekindle their faith and bring law to a lawless land.

    Where I can agree with that sentiment, the various impaled corpses outside their encampment says they would inspire -tyranny- over law. This. Is. A. Farce.

    Though from what I understand, the council is near approving the hiring of these men. That includes meeting their demands. Senior Retainer Osco and Senior Retainer Polk of House Misrim have stated quite clearly that the Unbroken will be hired.

    I've reached out to Commander Keline to take action, my elvish allies, pleading with them all to not stand idle while the legion of tyranny readies to take the very soul of Arabel.. Yet none seem willing to join me in this fight.

    Thus far, the Unbroken have agreed to stay out of Eveningstar, but I am quickly running out of options, out of allies.

    Senior Retainer of House Misrim, Aric Polk, says I should duel the Captain of the Unbroken. Though what would that do for us? If I win, the Lieutenant takes their troops to fight for Obyn and the White Horde. If I lose, they remain, and likely plunder Eveningstar with no champion left to stand in their way.

    There is also a curiosity here... Something I cannot quite wrap my head around. Lieutenant of the Unbroken, Dorian Ashmantle, receives prayers still. A priest of a dead god. He does not worship Cyric as many of the Banites converted. This has been confirmed by a close ally of mine. So where do his blessings come from? Can a dead god offer you prayers?

    -Dawnknight Nicholas Alwin Appleberry

  • Over the past week, numerous undead have been sighted in the area around Arabel. Hullack Forest, East Way, even the High Road near Eveningstar. At first at had thought this was the work of the Talonite wererat, however as of recently my suspicions have shifted to the Death Cult and Yutrus worshiping orcs.

    After speaking with several council members, I will begin patrolling more regularly the High Road in order to deter this blasphemy.

    I have also spoken to Commander Keline who suggested a strategy to catch the criminals.

    We will attempt a flanking assault on the high road with several others in my company, striking from above and behind at once using a cliff and bridge to increase the odds in our favor.

    I will need allies in this.. I will reach out to them soon.

    -Dawnknight Appleberry

  • 1/16/2021

    A Winter Festival was hosted by Luckbringer Ottilie, much occured here.

    I had discovered that Exchequer Osco Appleblossom meant to sully a duel I intended to move forward with by poisoning the leader of the Banite group the "Unbroken" to attempt to ensure victory. I refused to be part of the plot, and insisted on knowing the details. Sybil, a dear friend since the Battle of Redwood, intended to share the poison in a drink. Sybil died, and so Osco sought other means to complete his objective.

    As I said, I refused to follow through with any sort of dishonorable conduct in the regard, and so I insisted Ottilie confess these sins to the Unbroken Captain. She did.

    Later on, I saw Osco and Dawnknight Myrkyr speaking privately. I assumed Osco was intending to persuade Myrkyr to fight in my stead. I had not spoken to Myrkyr regarding the devious plot, and so he had no idea of the potential dishonorable conduct. Thus, I inserted myself into the situation, and challenged the Unbroken Captain to single combat, fully knowing he would be at full strength.

    It was a close fight, each of us exchanged proper wounds - however the day was his. I was laid low by a strike to the crown which cracked my skull and left me blind in my eye.

    The.. following events.. I was unconscious for.

    Apparently - Osco was quite offended by something the Banite said, interpreting it as intentions of war, and attacked. Osco was supported by -all- our elvish allies. Navae, Aerlalorn, Selifrey, Kirin, Kerym, and Felaern.

    Jastyne and Dawnknight Myrkyr jumped into the ring, presumably trying to regain some kind of control, and Commander Keline followed suit. Everyone calling for a ceasefire. I woke to this shouting to see the Luckbringer covering over me with a shield, an ensuing battle between the Banites, Crimson Legion, and Jastyne and Myrkyr against the Elves. Osco obeyed the ceasefire, however the elves murdered two Unbroken guardsmen, and the Captain.

    In response, Jastyne executed one elf, Felaern, for failing to heed combat instructions and murdering a man in cold blood.

    The other elves were exiled, Selifrey fired from her position as Emissary. Keline resigned with Saralynne and Selifrey from the Council of Twelve.

    I awoke broken.... My allies scattered to the wind... My honor stained...

    Yet still upon the horizon I see the light of Dawn.

    The Unbroken under Lieutenant Ashmantle, now Captain Ashmantle, have vacated Arabel.

    -Dawnknight Nicholas Alwin Appleberry

  • More recent activities of the Death Cult and the wanted Cannibal; Paul.

    After finishing the day filled with various jobs and Squire duties. I ventured on my way back to Eveningstar to end on a patrol. Upon such, I ran into the Awakened Jadzia Sunguard. She claimed the roads were clear and we parted ways. Her to Arabel and I to Eveningstar but then I thought after small distance to turn back and rest in Arabel and make the journey on a new Dawn.
    Once near the borders of Arabel, the awakened encountered Nihlos Carver and I did as well shortly after. He had three skeleton warriors of elven heritage guarding his flanks. Knowing I could not win this battle alone and preferring not to have the wellness of the new awakened burdening my mind should there be conflict, I told her to leave. Immediately. I wanted to ask for help but this would startle him, cause him to then leave. This gave chance for me to stall, until more help was underway. She left and Aerlalorn coincidentally came onto the path as well. Uneasy, Nihlos made an escape. I then enchanted myself to see what was invisible and Paul Crispen came to sight. I fought long and hard against powerful magic unknown to me, in hopes to survive long enough for help. Luckily, He was lured closer towards Arabel where the Dawnknight arrived and took care of things from there. We ventured back to Eveningstar and the Dawnknight shared words with him behind guarded doors.

    -Dawnsquire Tiatus Thornwind

  • 1/28/2021

    While patrolling the High Road from Eveningstar to Arabel I happened upon a fallen stag. As I approached the creature, its carcus began to shift and move beneath the brush. A head raised, and broken, battered antlers, an unhooked jagged face with disjoined legs attempted-feebly, to stand. I gazed upon an undead, lifeless black eyes, focused upon me as it charged.

    Mine blade sung true, as a blessing of Lathander was already upon it, and I slew the creature.

    While investigating further, I found a pair of notes carefully pinned to the hide of the undead Stag. They were a list of demands from the Cult of the Reaper for the Council of Twelve. Within the letter, he spoke of several demands, highest of which was the marriage to Ottilie Luckbringer. After one week, if such demands were not met, another attack would take place, far worse than the one Bospir suffered.

    Shortly after a sending was made by mine self from Arabel. I outright refused the demands, swearing upon Lathander to deliver Nihlos' absolution.

    Nihlos was shortly after spotted by an anonymous source who made a sending. I assumed, since an animated Stag was just found upon the High Road, that Nihlos was close by. I immediately returned to Eveningstar and gathered a small patrol of adventurers. We would hunt Nihlos Carver within the Crevices near Eveningstar.

    Our patrol of the tunnels was fruitless. None of us held the ability to track, smell, or see the various clues that might elude to a necromancers passing. We decided to call off the search, and returned to the High Road.

    As we deliberated work, a foul smell filled the air. As our blessings slowly faded, we came to find three tall creatures, gangly, moving in a disjoined fashion, dragging large swords in the distance. It seemed, three giants, flesh and muscle picked clean, wandered toward us. Their massive figures of bone and sinew - each paired with the same lifeless, hateful eyes of the undead Stag gave credence to our situation. It was too late to run, too late to rest for blessings... While we hunted wastefully for Nihlos, we took up a position on the High Road.. and waited for us.

    We spoke briefly, trading insults, he demanded his Dark Bride to be Ottilie be presented. She was not in our party. We refused to allow him the satisfaction of calling her such again, and decided it best to attack with full strength.

    A great blow was struck onto Nihlos' - wounding him, but all four of mine mine and myself were laid low.

    For my arrogance, Nihlos left me a message.. His favored of the giant skeletons, a frost giant, was commanded to cripple me. It raised a greatsword twice the size of mine person, and dropped it below my knee..

    I honestly don't remember the pain, I do remember trying to tourniquet the wound, trying to shake Aerlalorn whos' Ears were notched by Nihlos personally... But then I passed out.

    I awoke at the House of the Morning. Dawnsquire Tiatus Thornwind came upon us and dragged me to safety with the others. He healed closed the wound, but the leg was severed, gone. A splint and peg was fasted to aid me in supporting myself, and I have begun to train like this. I will have Nihlos one day. I must be ready to continue the fight. I must prepare to defend Eveningstar. I must protect Ottilie.

    -Dawnknight Nicholas Alwin Appleberry

  • 1/29/2021

    The bitter taste of defeat forced me into a dreamless state. I could not find peace, nor rest. Ottilie the Luckbringer, someone I've come to favor greatly, suggested I take my mind off the situation by training. We began to do several odd jobs with Dawnsquire Thornwind and the new Awakened, and Aerlalorn, even Nanthleenee aided us on one or two. However as the night pushed on, our allies favored sleep and rest. A well earned Sentry position was granted to the Dawnsquire over Immersea, who put forth the idea that Nihlos may be laying his head there.

    I was yet restless.

    Fang Kirin Ashenwood, Laurel Wildwalker, Floki baardsen and Ottilie the Luckbringer put forward the idea of a practice of walking up hill, to better train me for the harder days ahead. I agreed, as Ottilie mentioned earlier having a number of maps for the stornhorn mountains with buried treasure awaiting those bold enough to claim it.

    We made our way up the mountain. It was bitter cold, but the close allies kept my mind focused and warmed me with their kind words and supportive nature. Indeed, the brightest light of Lathander is that which dwells within our dear friends.

    Finally after some six hours of climb, we saw the peak. Miraculously, or perhaps by the grace of the Dawn, we achieved the peak at the sacred hour of 5:00AM. Lathander gazed brightly upon us, blessing us with his presence. I felt renewed strength. We strode forward laying low Orc, Giant, Ettin, and Wolf. After another hour of battling various creatures, we came upon our destination, a buried treasure.

    Whilst dividing the spoils, we heard magic cast in the distance. Not that of the wizards or divine, but something... Evil.

    As the winds blew harsher, colder, our camp fire was snuffed out. Across the now stormy horizon, three pairs of black eyes gazed at us from a cliff. These eyes... I'd seen before.

    Somehow, perhaps by the Grace of Tymora, perhaps a gift of Redemption from Lathander himself, we wandered into Nihlos, cornering him and his minions upon the peak. There was a line of orcs, all of which unsuspecting between us and he, however we had him.

    We quickly developed a plan, as at first he didn't seem to notice us. Only his undead stared upon our location. Kirin would strip his spells and hold him in place with a breach of his mind. Floki, Ottilie, and Laurel would engage the monsters, and I would go for the killing blow upon Nihlos.

    As we maneuvered through the Orcs, our position was given way to the Dark Prophet, Nihlos. He cackled at us as we battled the orcs below, and when the fighting was done, addressed us as if he were some godlike pretender speaking to his surfs.

    He demanded his dark bride to be, Ottilie the Luckbringer.

    Our position made, we Kirin and Laurel began to manufacture a new plan whilst I entertained his demands, throwing a few quarries myself regarding the location of his next attack. My questions were ignored outright.

    Kirin stated she believed Nihlos to be just beyond a narrow passage, that the fight would be uphill, but we had him at a disadvantage.

    We quickly inspelled and charged forth, fighting a pair of grizzlies then coming upon his undead giants, all of which were wounded from previous battles against the denizens of the Stormhorn mountains. Laurel went invisible and drank a haste potion, charging through the gap before the giants could see her. Floki, Oittilie and I engaged the giants directly and kirin entered into a dangerous battle of mind games with the Dark Prophet, forcing him to be held in place.

    The battle was close. I nearly lost my life to the Frost Giant Skeleton who several hours earlier took my leg. I say I survived the bout by the loving grace of Lathander, and the many strikes of Ottilies wand.

    When the fighting was concluded, Nihlos was upon the ground, hog tied by Laurel. She had downed him herself after Kirin spell breached Nihloses blessings. An amazing feat.

    The three undead were cast off the mountainside to be buried at a later date. Their hateful dark magic would never again poison our realm.

    Nihlos spoke of a great evil coming. That refusing his demands, slaying him, would doom Arabel.. I admit, I considered a moment dragging him back to the city of Arabel for sentencing, though I knew his fellow cultists would rescue him, or he would escape on the several mile journey from the Stormhorns to Arabel. However my considerations were destroyed when he uttered the words, with a pride known only to thugs and killers; "I did it, Nicholas. I murdered Aritian!"

    A gleeful smile crawled across his pale face like a spider across the snow. he would need to be sentenced here, upon the mountains.

    I delivered him rites, and offered him absolution.

    As my sword pierced his chest and slid unto the hilt, parting his heart, lung in twine, I prayed Lathander that the suffering brought upon the Free People of Arabel would fade with the life that faded from Nihlos Carvers eyes.

    We carried his corpse to Eveningstar, and we plan to burn him at Dawn. With his ashes we will lift the darkness he purchased with the blood of our brothers.

    -Dawnknight Nicholas Alwin Appleberry

  • Precept Arcanum

    Location: South Horn, spilled into Eveningstar Outskirts.
    Details: After Dawnbringer Jadzia, Dex, and Talia had fought slimes and oozes, we met up in the House of the Morning. They were telling me of their encounter when a sending was made about maggots and tentacles in Southhorn. We joined up and investigated. We quickly noticed a difference from the other encounters with slime and oozes we have had in the past. These were coming from the ground and were causing tremors. We fought off dozens of the larva and several of the tentacles. We continued to the bridge where we face many more. At one point a monsterous slug that was from some nightmare, broke through the earth. I engaged it. Instead of crushing or burning me, it opened it's mouth and swallowed me whole.
    I do not know what the others were doing, but I pried my shield in a manner so that I could start cutting my way out of the beast. It got quite agitated.... either by my actions or the actions of the others. Eventually as it reared up, likely to eat one of them, I was able to burst out.

    The beast was taken care of. Apparently the others fought undead, and so we went to make sure more were not forthcoming. A lot of potions were found, but due to it being in ofal, we did not take any. For some reason I do not fully fathom, Dex climbed a large pile of dung to get to a statue.

    That is the event to my knowledge. Jadzia may be able to give more detail.

    Dawn Knight Muric.

    Greg the Great Druid of the Hullack says this was because there is a hole in the protections of Eveningstar and more events like this will happen.

    Conjecture is the ritual performed by Dawnbringer Jadzia caused the hole. See the incident following the summons to follow.

    A competing theory is Jack Wild of the Scarlets is at fault.

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