Ways to make Fighter viable

  • Right now, fighters are just left in the dust. Here's some ideas of how to make them more useful!

    Pureclass bonus: More HP- back to the d10 levels. Add in a Pure Fighter store that has some decent gear, possibly for prestige. Things that you can work towards that are better than the average fair but still won't be as good as faction loot or DM loot. Such as

    +1 AC plate
    +1 AC amulet
    +1 AC cloak

    But have no other stats on them. Just the raw AC.

  • Admin [DM]

    Make the store complete with all items and appearance and properties and I’ll look at adding it.

    Max HP is never coming back.

  • I think the Vaylan estate would have things that would fit with OUB fighter type prestige items. They're current gear with a few exceptions is worthless or only useful in HIGHLY niche situations.

  • Order of the Aster

    Automatic toughness feat would soften the missing HP. Perhaps on a fighter only item (I know this is controversial as a suggestion, but until the class is reworked to have supclasses, I don't see the point of a fighter in our current setting).

  • Give them more feats, earlier. Or give them staple feats(weapon focus, weapon spec, etc) for free at certain levels like what rogues get. Or give them more unique fighter only feats, but that requires scripting.

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