CNR give crafting XP upon failure at lower levels

  • There's this annoying hurdle at the start as you get into crafting, where it takes a good long time to be able to start grinding away at your crafting levels. Like I found that leveling up from 1-3 about twice as long as getting from 3-5. I think that to help this strange hurdle and even out the flow, Failures between levels 1 and 3 of crafting should give some XP towards it as a sign of learning slowly from your mistakes.

  • Admin [DM]

    You will not get xp for failing.
    However, I have lowered the DC, and the recipe levels in Tailoring. I also increased the trade/crafting xp output.
    Other fields (smithing, alchemy, etc) will come in the next couple weeks.

  • Admin [DM]

    Pretty sure DCs have been lowered and Crafting XPs have been raise don all crafting types now. Should be much easier to level.

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