DMless Encounters

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    This thread highlights when DMless encounters has been added IG for players to find!

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    After nearly two weeks of rest, the White Horde has begun to test the Arabellan defenses once more. Adventurers are warned to venture outside the city with care, for many dangers lurks..

    OOC: 6ish DMless encounters have been added IG! All are related to various plot elements.

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    Hillmarch is struck by fear and terror as the White Horde lay claim to a large section of the forest along the Dragon Trail, travelers and adventurers are warned to stay clear of the area until brave heroes are willing to face the dangers. The Crimson Legion is circling the encampment and focusing on Hillmarch's defenses, taking a protective stance in hope that someone will rise to defend the miner's from the vicious White Horde.

    With the aid of two brave Crimson Guards and a sea-fairing elf, the Dragon Trail was cleared of the infestation and Hillmarch could breath at ease once more!

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