Rumbling Tower

  • Admin [DM]

    In the early morning, various rumours regarding the Crimson Guards, fiends and criminals spread among the common folk. People flock to the Vaylan Estate, only to depart as quickly as they left. Another mass gathering gathered at the Tower, with two fiendish criminals and two Crimson Guards entering the Black Tower as mages and other faction members departed.. Where they truly intending to arrest Raubagaush himself? Was it a ploy in favour of the War Wizards? Or something else entirely..?

    During the hours that followed, screams of pain and death echoed across the Historic District. Flashes of light and blinding bursts erupts from the tower, before a final fiery blast blows up the majority of the top of the Black Tower.. Then, it goes silent.. And the four whom entered, are never seen again..

    Whatever may have happened, the Crimson Guards have suffered heavily from the rumours and accusations thrown around. Not only have they lost two prominent members, but also the trust of many commoners.

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