Duplicate POI (cartography)

  • Area name: Stonelands, Drakenshield's Oasis
    Server Version: v6944
    Screen Shot:

    Issue Description:
    Giant Head POI is a duplicate of Ancient Giant Head that is placed very close by.
    I suggest removing giant head, maybe add a marker to the small camp north east instead.

    It's very costly in RL time every time there is a bug in the cartography system, because you have to wait the 32 minutes for another try. I suggest reimbursing the charge to the cartography tool on failed attempts.

  • @Satoyo you didnt get a duplicate error message because its not considered a duplicate POI.
    The name has to be identical for it to be considered a duplicate POI, and they wont even appear n the same list together if you did:


    I also had no problem drafting the map, so there is no issue with making it In-Game:


    Closing this one as there is no issue.

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