Looking to help with personal plots

  • To qoute Polly


    I'm interested in pushing player plots and goals.

    Please bear in mind that the only requirement is that whatever you want is in some way fun for others/affecting other players. Your ideas needn't be of epic proportions; I've always enjoyed adventures that didn't matter to the game world at large but are still hugely entertaining in the small scale. Even if your plan affects only 5 PCs in the CoA playerbase in some meaningful way, I'll help you. (Please note that I'll be the final arbiter of what "meaningful" is.)

    No requests like "I want to make X sword of uberawesome or Y item of pwn" will be entertained unless you can properly justify why your getting uber loot is fun for other people.

    For example, you want to equip your party with magic swords to kill Lord Dragonhate Darksmirk III who is flooding the world with evil ponies. In which case, I'll definitely help you in your adventuring/intriguing to find/make said swords.

    I am looking to set up one or two event like this up next weekend and then follow through with you guys until its resolved over a number (2-3) of events. So if you have any interesting ideas just send me a pm outlining your idea and I will get back to you if the idea is feasable and suitable.

  • I figure I should underscore that I am looking to help with your characters personal plotlines , not run events related to ongoing dm plots.

  • I'm taking a ride on this train. PM me should you wish some help.

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