Dont just remove stronger traps from crafting system

  • I would suggest not just removing traps like the electrical trap, just make recipe mats harder/more expensive, if it seems powerful.

    At the moment a lot of classes can solo, like various tank builds or casters like summon sorcerer that are a lot more powerful.

    Rogues cant solo in the same way, i dont see the problem in having an eletric trap that damages the same as a fireball, since, fireball also exists, can be made to scrolls to be used on demand and so on.

    I think a lot of more important things could be balanced instead of step by step taking out all the fun of playing a rogue.

    Hope this doesnt sound too much like a rant, its just a suggestion / feedback.

  • Admin [DM]

    As I understand it, electrical traps are OP. Therefore they will not be craftable by PCs.

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