Prestige Stores now open to the public!

  • Admin [DM]

    All faction prestige stores are now available to the public, note than by spending your prestige on a faction they will benefit from your currency. We'll be looking into adding more interesting prestige items to all stores as time goes on.

    Note that the major four factions now also offer fetch quests to the public, which pays in gold/exp and prestige points! The items have been updated to include resources, rather than trash items.

  • Admin [DM]

    Investing into a faction with your prestige can result in a small boost for the faction/area if enough points are gathered each month. These upgrades can be varied, and their impact depends on how many points have been gathered compared to other factions. This means whilst you may want the beneficial items from a certain prestige store, it will also mean a boost IG for the faction. So choose whom you invest into wisely! Note that prestige investment is not a personal gain, but rather benefits the faction/area the store represents as a whole.

    The DM team will aim to implement the prestige boosts within the first two weeks of each new month, can be quicker depending on DM discussions.

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