The Famine of Immersea

  • Fishermen have lost all their luck along the shores of Immersea. They cast their nets and pull in only a handful of fish if that, each one far too emaciated and sickly to eat at all.

    Storm clouds gather there more often than not, and the days are shorter while the nights seem to stretch a bit longer than they should. What is more, citizens of Immersea have begun to vanish into the night, and some have managed to see a few drug away into the waterways by a pale figure wielding a crooked harpoon.

    Animals too, rot next to the rivers and streams nearby, clearly having been drowned while they were peacefully sipping the cool waters.

    These are troubling times indeed, and the people lament for the days of Cormyr, wherein such evil would not be allowed to persist.

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