Armour modding spawning new armors.....

  • hi Dms,

    Just come across a pretty serious bug.

    Was modifiying Dantes armor as when I was reoding it a few weeks ago, for some reason I forgot to do the neck and a flesh neck looks really wrong with the rest of the armor, especially when I equip my helm.

    Now when I tried this it spawned a new armor which has the look I want, but hasnt changed my actual armor. I didnt realise this at first so tried again.

    Cost me 2400 gold, my armor is the same, except I now have two copies of my armor minus its properties.

    I shouldnt be getting new armours from this and should be getting changes on the armor I am wearing.

    As this seems a pretty serious malfunction with room for exploitation I thought to mention it. I should not be able to clone armors.


    p.s. would be nice if I could get a refund when this is fixed

  • It is possible I misread or misunderstood how this functions, not sure.

    Was able to change the look of my existing armor, but still left with two armors which looks exactly like mine, minus its properties.

    Would be nice still if possible to get money back on not undertanding how this functions, if not I will suck it up and no hard feelings.


  • Admin [DM]

    You can either choose to make an armour with the appearance, or put the appearance on the armour you are wearing. It appears you misread the alternatives and chose the one which made a new armour. Sadly we cannot offer refunds for misreading functions.

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