Letter: Elven Embassy (DM)

  • To whom this may concern:

    Greetings from Reibreth, scale of House Vaylan. Pursuant to my prior conversation with the ambassador, I have achieved rank within the red house. I desire an audience to discuss justification over this bounty initiated on behalf of the death of a banished high elf heretic who practiced body modification and necromancy.

    What has happened to elven subtlety? More of our people are now endangered by villain who has effectively free reign of this city, over one of our people who was dubious in their contribution to the elves at best.

    Perhaps I could offer guards to at least mitigate this risky ploy?

    Reibreth, the Red Bear. Poet, bladesman, mercenary.

  • Admin [DM]

    My dearest Reibreth,

    Your words are fiery and hungry, yet I wish you to meditate upon my words. Shall we allow a murderer to walk free, for the person he killed was at fault? Shall we allow another to take out their fury and unjust punishment upon our people, without speaking? Shall we let our people walk in fear, for we dare not speak for it may cause us harm?

    Remember your own words, this villain has been allowed to walk freely within the city for none dare to speak against him. Our people now a target, for their Embassy chose to do so. Not for the sake of a single person, but for us all.

    Please do know, that I do not fault your harsh words upon me, I have myself uttered the same words and know them well. You are in fact a source of pride. My heart swells for your success in the Crimson Guards, whom has never faltered in their quest for good. It is clear to me you care deeply for our people, but too for the words of our Embassy. Therefore I ask not for your guards, but instead your spirit and fire. We must rally others to our quest for justice, so the villain know that evil will not go unquestioned. What we need, is you, the Crimson Guards and its leader's passionate drive.

    Warmest and most cherished regards,
    Ambassador Obyx

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