Nemesis, coming to you in 2020 (April fools!)

  • Admin [DM]


    Coming to you in 2020


  • Admin [DM]

    Nemesis will feature all new storylines, factions and subraces. Here are some of the soon-to-be-available features!

    • Playable Monster Races!

      • Kobold
      • Goblin
      • Lizardfolk
    • Not one, not two, but THREE dragon summoning themes!

      • Chromic
      • Metal
      • Undead
    • A new plot themed dungeon, with NINE layers!

      • Located in a highly SECRET location
      • EXTREME treasures hides within!
    • Two new canon PrCs

      • Undead Dragon Knight
      • Monstrous Binder

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