Silence of the Lambs

  • Module version: 6717
    Quest name: Silence of the Lambs
    Quests giver: Hogart Rancher (Bospir)
    Level range: 4-6
    Party requirements: 1-8
    Number of people that did the quest: 2
    Party composition with levels: Level 5 druid, Level 5 druid/ranger
    Quest turn in gp and xp: 300gp, 150xp

    Tested this with Echo and Puffy.
    Spawns were laid out pretty far normally
    Spoiler tags should be obvious
    Minor Spawns were to good to be true , zero threat 110xp
    Moderate spawns gave 15 a pop typically
    Boss spawn 200xp , was a CR over twice the testing party avg lvl ( 2 lvl 5 pcs).. more than the combined lvls of the party actually
    Zero Loot found
    300gp payout w/150 xp tossed on

    This was a strange mix of far to easy and then a minor holy crap for a moment
    Just putting this here for viewing pleasure.

    Updated by Echo

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