summon/companion modes

  • In v5 there was a dot command to set summons or companions into stealth or detect mode, and to talk through them. Would be cool to have those added back, and to have the ".help commands" section list them. Or put it in ".help companions" which currently is empty.

  • the commands to make your companion and summon talk works.

    just use a comma at the beginning of your sentence to make the first one out talk.
    2 for the second, 3 for the third, etc.

    I've used it and it works.

    For the stealth and detect, I do not recall commands for these, do you know what they were?

  • Not a clue. Talk commands need to be added to the commands entry in game then! Or just a list of dot commands on the forum.

  • Admin [DM]

    I'm 90% sure there were never dot commands for stealth or detect mode. A search of the archived forums showed no results.

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