Fungus Infested House

  • Module version: 20229 Echo 6711
    Quest name: Fungus Infested House
    Quests giver: Nervous Halfling Druid
    Level range: 4-6
    Party requirements: 1-8
    Number of people that did the quest: 1
    Party composition with levels: elf 2/2 rogue/fighter
    Quest turn in gp and xp: 150 gp 150 exp

    Suggested Tweaks:

    • Obnoxious Fungus do not despawn upon quest completion, resulting in them stacking up when players only take out the necessary ones to progress.
    • Loot from bashed loot containers does not despawn either.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    The chests and the mushrooms should despawn. Seems like a bug in the treasure spawning script.

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