Shamrock Garden

  • Module version: 20225 Echo 6708
    Quest name: Shamrock Garden
    Quests giver: Alustriel Wood
    Level range: 4-6
    Party requirements: 1-6
    Number of people that did the quest: 1
    Party composition with levels: 1 fighter lv6
    Quest turn in gp and xp: 150 exp 150 gp

    • Loot found
      Scroll: Ray of Enfeeblement
      Scroll: Cloud of Bewilderment
      Scroll: Shield of faith

    One container was locked and indestructible so I don't know what spawned there.

    • Spawn quantity
      No challenge for a fully outfitted fighter at max quest level
    • Consumable usage
      No consumables used

    Suggestion: Add shortcut in the area where you meet the distressed child back to the start.

    If you fail the [persuasion] check and the child runs off the NPC gives you 150gp on-top of the 150gp per person you already get. This does not make sense.

    ADDENDUM: Remove plot and locked status of all containers that are just a bunch of rocks, this does not make much sense to me.

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