Graveyard Ops

  • Module version 20224 Spiffy 670
    Quest name: Graveyard Ops
    Quests giver: Dinkelberg Iverness
    Level range: 4-6
    Party requirements: 1-6
    Number of people that did the quest: 2
    Party composition with levels: Assumed lv4 Gnome Sorcerer, lv4 Elf Monk
    Quest turn in gp and xp 150 exp, 150 gp


    1. No backspawns or shortcut
      The trip back from the quest is a dull walk. To spice it up perhaps a few back spawns might be in order. Or, alternatively, creation of a shortcut to the starting area.

  • Did that quest last night and found a shortcut with not much problem. Out of a party of 3, 2 of us found the shortcut and arrived back at the starting area without backtracking.

  • I must be blind then.

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