Heroic Plumbers

  • Heroic Plumbers is way over-tuned with regard to risk versus reward, though. It seems to use a generic low level loot table and is a fair bit longer and circuitous.
    The monsters are all ochre jellies with damage immunity to physical, as well as acid damage. The jellies grant 3xp at level four, with around 30(?) HP each +5 ab and deal between 5 and 10 damage a hit. They spawn in groups of 1 and 3, with a bit more going on at the end.

    It's a lot more similar to the old Myron's quest than an entry level quest, but the rewards are definitely not commensurate for its design. The quest itself is a slog of attrition for any players running it, and though there are many loot nodes, the best loot in the quest is a CLW wand amongst literal trash, and the gold and xp reward is 150/150 like similar (Much less unrewarding) quests in the level band.

    I actually think Heroic Plumbers would be a good candidate for an expanded level range as it currently stands, have it's loot table looked at, or have the monsters within tuned a bit lower or varied from just the jellies.

    (Reposted per Puffy)

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