Forest Walk loot

  • This is the quest in the Hullack Wyvernwoods. Done it three times so far and very low stuff, some just... well 0 ac robes with -50% arcane spell failure what is that even? This quest can be a challenge for two low-med level characters, but once you bring three level 8's hooooo boy does this scale to quickly become easily on par with frozen kingdom at certain points, especially those werewolves that don't miss any AC and slam for 20+ per hit with high DR and spawn in packs of 8. For a pretty brutal quest it definitely needs a ramp up on rewards, and rewards that aren't memes or opening a box to find... a single medicinal herbs +1 or cloth armor with +2 vs specific races. Everything I've seen from two runs so far is just... not ever going to be used and more like 1-6 level filler fluff loot, but this is an end tier very difficult quest. Some unique thematic stuff that matches the Hullack would be awesome.

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