Dwarf Rescue

  • Stormhorn, Eastern Slopes quest by an arctic dwarf to find his daughter. The normal path of the quest is medium difficulty, but really low reward. From the trip it had 3 loot boxes with 1d4 cold dagger, 25 ray of frost charges wand, and a small quantity of cold ammunition. For a 7-10 quest that takes about 30 minutes and potentially lots of danger to even reach this could be updated.

    The hard mode alternate completion condition is killing lots of frost giants, and then a frost giant boss. Although the more difficult alternate completion this has no loot in it at all.

    If you do both completion conditions -rescuing the daughter AND killing the giants- maybe an extra reward would be cool.

  • Admin [DM]

    I've put some things in the works here.

    1. I made the optional part a separate quest-within-a-quest so it should pay you separately
    2. I -think- I fixed the daughter's convo
    3. I made the dire polar bear not AE-able because it should never have been since it's a mini-boss and using it to fight the giants was an exploit
    4. I will put more treasure markers down (or figure out why the ones that are down arent spawning)

  • Admin [DM]

    Any testing done on this since I reworked it?

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