Node minimum spawns

  • You cross the beach. Hundreds of feet of sand and waves washing upon the shore. It is beautiful. You spot a pile of sand. This will be my sand. Bringing your shovel into the sand you press it into the soft grains beneath you. That's the end of that! You raise your eyes to the shore. That's the end of that! Sweat forms on your brow. Your skin tightens and flushes and the weight of anxiety builds on your soul. That's the end of that! You hear the voice of the forge you left alone back home. Unattended. Hungry. It hungers for sand. "Feed me parent!" you hear it cry in your mind. You look down at your shovel, still inserted into the sand. That's the end of that! The forge hungers. It hungers for the delicious grains of the shore. You begin to tremble. Slowly you remove your shovel. You do not lift it. You do not scoop any of the sand. "I am so hungry! It hurts. I need... sand!" The forge screams. It is hungry. It needs you and you have failed it. You drop to your knees on this large expanse of beach. Your fingers dig into the sand and grasp it in fists. Tears fall down your cheeks. The salty rain of failure. Raising your hands you scream the injustice to the heavens, sand pouring through your fingers. "Where has all of the sand gone!" With broken heart you must return home. You must face your hungry forge and explain to it there will be no food today. This beach held no sand. That's the end of that!

  • Nodes should have a minimum gather. When you see an ore node you are guaranteed to get ore. Same with coal. Same with all of the plants. Same with creatures that drop their juices and parts. Sand, clay, gems, and skins however do not. These are also all things that are needed in extremely large bulk not just for one craft, but across the spectrum as basic materials -except for skins. Those are exclusive to tailoring- however are more often to provide you 0. You can in fact spend actual hours of RL time travelling to places with these resources which you need, gathering them frequently, and end up with a fat 0 to show for the time and work involved. And you will need them in tremendous bulk. Whereas every other resource that has a minimum produce value per node allows their crafts to progress because for them finding the resource means getting the resource.

  • Admin [DM]

    Sand is 1g from the merchant and you don't have to carry heavy bags of it across dangerous territory. Mostly I put the sand/clay nodes in for flavor not to make you carry it.

  • But that is one gold (or two gold. It becomes 2 gold as well because of merchant reaction) which does very quickly add up add up as a mandatory gold cost that reaches hundreds for skilling up even low level things you will just be throwing away, and for a long time will be more expensive than buying the bottles and flasks themselves. Clay is 5 gold. That doesn't address the problem though which is the nodes, and also expands to gems and animal skins.

  • Admin [DM]

    I've tested the nodes since the first bug report about no sand and they spawn sand.

    The nodes of sand are currently set to 95% success of finding sand. I can bump that to 100% next time I do module work (which likely wont be until the weekend).

  • Admin [DM]

    As for animals, not every animal will give you skins, only the ones that have recipes attached to them.

  • That might explain the skins. 95 to 100 would be good. Clay sometimes fails but not as much as...
    And that's a pretty big 5% misfortune it seems.
    The same thing happens with gems extremely consistently. I didn't screenshot it but actually in the last two spawns (about an hour of time) they've all been complete failures with zero produce, wheras all of the ore next to it have been able to provide a copious amount of resources by comparison for the same time spent and the same effort spent. The difference being that the gem dust is actually much more needed across a variety of different professions than ores, despite being so unreliable, while something that is less of a basic commodity is bountiful because it is consistent if you find it you get at least some of it.

  • Putting it by comparison in the time it took me two days ago to harvest about 6 gems (raw produce) I was able to make so many ingots of largely bronze and some iron (x2 refined produce) that two full trade screens wasn't enough to fit all of it because of the consistency difference and powerlevel somebody elses smithing for them.

  • Admin [DM]

    As I said, I'll look at it this weekend. I'm not doing mod work until then.

  • Super appreciated! ♥ Since I didn't have a screenshot for the gem side of it I went out to gather data just now and everything turned up false. It's not gathering, it's a lack of gathering.


    So that sets another about 30 minute cooldown on respawns and.. happens often that it's a repeat, sometimes one of the five might provide one or two gems. Very inconsistent compared to ores and plants.

  • Admin [DM]

    Ok spawning % for gems is now 98%, with 30% chance that the node will break. I had over-adjusted and someone got 28 topaz from a single node and that was bad!

    Clay and sand % are 100% with 25% chance of running out.

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