Quest: Downtown (Historic District)

  • Module version: 20215 Strawman 6684
    Quest name: Downtown
    Quests giver: Donna Narwen
    Level range: 4-6
    Party requirements: 1-4
    Number of people that did the quest: 1
    Party composition with levels: Rogue1/Ranger3, Elf
    Quest turn in gp and xp: 150 exp (120 with multi-class penalty), 150 gp

    Short and concise feed back including

    loot found and suggested tweaksLoot:

    • Bed Roll
    • Belladonna x2 (non magic weapon variant)
    • Allyfolk boots x2
    • Allywalker's Amulet
    • Allyfolk Bracers of Dexterity
    • Top
    • Magical Sour Wine
    • Rat catcher's guide to the sewer (summoning tome)
    • Greenstone x2
    • Empty wine bottle
    • 5gp

    spawn quantity/challenge and suggested tweaks

    • Add shortcut back to Starting area
    • Either shorten the route or spawn traps a little bit more frequently

    consumable usage

    • 1x Cure serious potion

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