Shadow Attack breaks ai

  • The Shadow Attack ability in the 2nd, 4th, and 5th circle shadow summons causes them to no longer respond to attack commands. There is one exception to it, though it is not assured to work either. If the summoner is already in combat then they will attack, but will often become bugged as soon as they kill something. This is achieved either by the summoner taking damage or summoning a 1st or 3rd circle summon, and then one of these after it has engaged in melee.

    What happens when they are broken in specifically is the summons go into follow mode. Sometimes they will raise their hands and gain attack icon, but they will never move to engage anything regardless of commands. They can, theoretically, be manually controlled by player tool. Though after every enemy they will then default back to their broken condition. These summons weren't made for melee either- they seem designed for the shadow attack, considering their low ac, low hp, low ab, and 1d3-1 damage.

    There is one specific situation I was able to get it to work but was only able to replicate this one time. I made myself invisible, summoned three shadows, and also made them invisible. While we were all invisible I took them to enemies and after one gained combat icon I told it to attack nearest, but not the others. The others engaged aggressively, despite not being in combat, but the one told to attack nearest broke. As soon as they killed a target the other two broke and did not engage the others.

    If there is a way to fix their ai problems that would be pretty awesome, but if not, then these summons will need to be remade from scratch without their shadow touch. I will be posting a suggestions post for that also after having gotten experience with them all.

  • Admin [DM]

    @Tempest-Rose said in Shadow Attack breaks ai:

    The Shadow Attack ability in the 2nd, 4th, and 5th circle shadow summons causes them to no longer respond to attack commands

    It's not an ability, it's a stat on their claw (On Monster Hit: Ability Drain Strength). That said I do not know why this would break AI.

    I can remove the claw and see if that helps, but it seems odd that a claw would bug AI.

  • Yea I was scratching my head too and no idea why it would break, but try it out. I tested it in DM room to show it is able to be replicated consistently. As a touch ability what it does is it makes it use the shadow touch instead of an actual physical attack, so since the 5th circle one actually has damage and AB scaling and all that it should totes have it removed at least though.

  • Admin [DM]

    Removed claw v6706; replaced with 1d6

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Are we using nwn default shadow? They may have a unique ai that doesn’t play nice with the summon ai

  • Admin [DM]

    Nope. I made these. (Pretty sure I did.... ?)

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Did you copy the resref or?

  • Admin [DM]

    it's a summons so it has unique tag and unique reserf (s_shadow, in this case)

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