On Druids

  • There is a few minor changes that I feel beneficial to druids that were in earlier versions of this server but not in the current version. Also one of two things that are missing that should be added. I think the server will be enhanced in these things are adopted and I drop them all here collectively for simplicity.

    1. In the druid groves a druid cannnot currently rest there, if something can do done so that they can that would be superb!

    2. Once upon a time if a druid hit level 9 they had access to new shapes as they did when they hit level 12. While level 10 seems to be the hard cap at the moment I still think that the level 9 improved wildshapes should be added back in. They are not as powerful as the old level 12 versions and they shouldn't be for balance, the old level 9 shape shifts I felt though for their level were balanced.

    3. Ironwood armor - Not all druids also roll up as elves, I think that there should be options for newbie druids who are playing say human to have reasonable gear without having to spend loads of points in dex. In older versions of this server this existed. I think ironwood armor gives more options. As I dont think though that this should be as potent as metal armor I think at best it should be the equivalent of half plate. This would also be something interesting and unique to add to the hidden druid shops and gives players an extra incentive to find them.

    4. I think the druid class is probably the hardest class to corectly RP as there is a lot on them from the Oath they take. Druids though really should not be hugging outsiders, undead or abominations and there needs to be I feel more repurcussions on them not being rped as they should be. Power failing for a day and so forth for not heeding the Oath. Druids are Rp wise like more extreme paladins in what they promise rp wise. Enforcing this more strictly I think will enhance the quality of the druid faction going forward.

    5. Perhaps have some of the better potential animal companions near or within druid groves. This again will give players more incentive to try and find them and reward players that do. I think all druids really should spend some time walking the wilds and this would reward rp time spent doing this rather than quests.

  • The old Young animal system would be great, or at least something like Charisma allowing you to tame animals of a higher level according to your charisma modifier or increasing their level. There is a very low variety of animals that druids can use which are actually effective in combat and some diversity would be good so it's not a world of bears/axebeaks. Or expand their available selection to help them stand out and have distinction compared to rangers companions as it is a primary and core feature for druids.

    Any kind of custom wildshapes would be good. We don't need 5 different types of cats and 5 different types of bears and 5 different types of wolves. Some different options would be nice though besides bear for all damage no ac, and panther for all ac low damage. Or merge all items into wildshape so that it doesn't destroy spell slots on equipment or end up with the druid many times actually becoming weaker in an animal shape.

    Spells 😞 Druid spells are... bad.. overscaled by spell level.. and have less of them per day than other primary spellcaster classes. Many of them have arcane comparisons where they just underperform. See healing sting vs vampiric touch. Flame lash vs combust. Or fireball vs flame strike (which not only has two saving throws, but is a full spell circle higher). Usually if you gsf you have one spell which your gsf works with. They do have some spells that are really COOL though, like spiked growth or quillfire, but just not usable.

    Spells2- Being on par as a spellcaster class with wizards/sorcs/clerics, but with less per day than any, and half of their spells being just trash, the other half are almost exclusively buffs. Not all, but the majority. The problem is that the diversity is very lacking, and while they used to have the exclusivity of barkskin they're too limited. One big example would be just weapon spells. Druid primary enemies (undead and outsiders) have DR which they are completely incapable of breaching. Diversity in buffs and especially offensive spells would be amazing. Stuff like Thorn Shield would be killer, or allowing GSF changes like GSF transmuter adds a 1d4 spell focus/1d8 GSF damage shield to their Barkskin targets or has bonus effects on entangle and spiked growth and bonus quillfire effects that the spell focus actually impacts. GSF evoker gets usable spells from buffs besides call lightning. GSF necromancer might get usably better healing sting or some kind of first, second, or fourth circle necromancy spell.

    Give druids Owls' Wisdom. Yea, they get Owl's Insight at level 9, but that is level 9. It is also a 5th circle spell slot. Fuck them if they want to increase their spell DCs before level 9 or cast a 5th circle spell because remember at 9 they only get a single 5th circle casting, or buff someone elses wisdom to help a cleric or something.

    Heck let's get them up to par with other spellcaster classes and expand their cantrips and give unlimited cantrips too, or 1 spell refresh per spell slot, since they're so limited. Very minor version of the sorc refresh, limited to 1 first, 1 second, 1 third, 1 4th. It'll go left to right so druids would need to plan in advance and won't have the same flexibility advantage as sorcs.

    Druids live in the wilderness, which is both very big and very time consuming to navigate, and exceptionally dangerous. They are hard mode characters. Stealth skills as class skills and a skill point boost would help them be able to navigate the wilds without disturbing nature, leaving a minimal impact. Barring that a 10% speed increase when in nature areas at level 4, and perhaps another at 8, would at least allow them to outrun warbands of orcs and the like and get around animal packs without having to fight through them. Many enemies in nwn have slightly faster movement speed than players and cannot be outrun.

    The main things to look at tl;dr are:

    *Animal companion variety/flavor/ability. Some usefulness with charisma or means for them to be special because druid.

    *Wildshapes additional forms, and not removing all items when used. Let's bring it on par with polymorph, or at least better than base race form at the cost of losing the ability to use wands and such. Bear in mind druids also can't get magic weapon or flame weapons when wildshaped so are further gimped from that, especially against their oathsworn enemies.

    *They're a primary spellcaster class and just get shafted in spell power, choices, and quantity.

  • Also tracking. The class changes redirects to the wiki, which says druids can track but they can't. No reason they shouldn't be able to.

    1. You can rest in the hidden groves. But if you mean the Wildwalker faction "headquarters" then yes, an area where the faction members can rest would be nice.

    2. Wildshape system is not in yet. We are using the vanilla NWN one for now. You'd get access to stronger shape at 8 then more at later levels. I believe this is a work in progress on the admin side?

    3. Druid specific gear would be great. They are severely limited in choices of weapons and armor, so some flavor to their limited range on both would gives more versatility to the class.

    4. DMs are keeping an eye on this already. The Balance is a complex thing and there are many aspects of it as well. A Guide for players on this would help a lot understand the situation better.

    5. Variety is always great! Scaling companions are the best. However, the system is a bit buggy at this time. DMs are working on it. It may take a while as it is not an urgent priority.

    Druids do need love and clarification. Its a difficult class due to restrictions. I am hopeful in good time it will get the love it deserves.

    And yes, druid can track. In wolf form only,

  • Since non-druids can join the Wildwalkers with an application a bedroll probably wouldn't be bad to have in there anyway. Wouldn't be a big impact for rangers, but nature priests are a thing too.

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