[Not happening after reset/“Closed”]Favoured Enemy bonuses way too good to be true

  • Area name: N/A
    Issue Location: Serverwide
    Server Version: v6661
    Screen Shot: alt text

    Issue Description: In a friendly bit of sparring PvP my AB should have been 20 vs my favoured enemy (As a result of buffs etc) but it ended up being 30 (25 being the second attack in the round in that screenshot). It would appear that my favoured enemy bonus is applying +12 instead of +2 at level 9.

    Strangely, this only seems to apply against PCs, vs NPCs my AB remains what it should be.

  • Could not replicate bug after reset.

  • Admin [DM]

    I’ll take credit for whatever “fix” happened err.... that I did and close this for now.

    Let us know is something silly like this happens again.

    Thanks for reporting it.

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