CRAFTING: Crafting XP changing based on stats/DC

  • Server Version v6621

    Crafting XP seems to change when you buff your stats.

    alt text

  • Admin [DM]

    As we discussed : The highest DC for any crafting is 11. The formula for determining DC is:

    int nEffDC = (((11 - (nPcLevel * 2)) - FloatToInt(fPcAbility / 2.0)) + 27) - ((10 - nRecipeLevel) * 2);

    nPcLevel = your crafting level for the particular recipe
    nRecipeLevel = the level of the recipe (see the charts in the Crafting Section of the forums)
    fPcAbility = the two required stats for the recipe each multiplied by its respective percentage, then added together

    The better you get at crafting the lower the DC
    The higher your stats, the lower the DC

    Below is an example of current PCs and their stats, and their DC for crafting food stuff which is 40% CON, 60% WIS


    Considering that most of the ingredients are free, and you earn both game and crafting xp for making stuff, a starting point of 11 DC is not unfair.

  • Admin [DM]

    As for why they were rewarding different xp that might be before/after I changed the scaling of xp to match the server? I dunno..

  • Both of these attempts were within seconds of each other, so probably not that. It's not terribly important as far as a working system is concerned, it's just a weird quirk that I thought should be documented.

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