Forest Walk Quest 2 Areas strip buffs

  • Wild Walkers

    Area name: ZQA: Hullack Forest: Damp Woods & ZQA: Hullack Forest, Dark Valley
    Issue Location: Quest is in the Hullack: Wyvernwood
    Quest Name: Forest Walk
    Store Name: N/A
    NPC Name: Quest giver is: Mysterious Passage (if I recall correctly)
    NPC Location: North West section, near the cave
    Server Version: 6607
    Screen Shot: N/A
    Time: https: around 4:45 pm EST (GMT -5)

    Issue Description: Both areas strip buffs. First area of the quest is good, second and third bug (these two listed here) 4th we did not test and 5th well, got killed by an overly large spawn of young wyverns. reporting separately.

  • Wild Walkers

    seems to be a server wide issue that seems to affect casters mostly.

    Well druids and sorcerers anyway... we went wandering and the sorc that was with us lost her spells less than a minute after casting.

    reset seems to fix?

  • Admin [DM]

    Already has a bug report on it, closing this copy

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